Blue Bloods season 10 spotlight: What’s next for Erin Reagan?

Blue Bloods season 10

One of the reasons for the long-term success of Blue Bloods is having a stable core group of characters. Through the past nine seasons Erin, Danny, Jamie, and Frank have brought us great stories about their jobs and home lives, but the crazy thing is that it still feels like there’s so much more to say. These characters are getting older and, in the case of today’s subject in Erin, more successful. She is in a better position at work now, more responsibility, and also more pressure. With each season likely comes another chance for evolution and for the writers to shake things up.

So how could they shake things up for Erin going forward? Let’s offer up some of our suggestions below as a part of our weekly character spotlight series.

Will she remain in her current position for all of season 10? There is a part of us that would love to see her jump up the legal ranks again, really to where eventually she becomes the D.A. or even eventually a judge. Patience here is a valuable virtue — it’s not something that we’ve got all that much as a viewer sometimes, but it’s very much valuable all the same. We don’t foresee this happening, mostly because this show doesn’t do anything all that quickly. They like to take their time in making subtle movements from one thing to the next.

What sort of new challenges can you give her? What we’d personally love to see is Erin become immersed, almost obsessed with one case that is taking considerably longer than it should. We’ve seen her throw herself into her work before, but can you give her a case that she realizes will make or break her career more than any other? We’ve gotten accustomed now to the current happy medium of her and Anthony — because of that, we do want them to come in now, break the wheel, and see something that is a little bit different.

Is it time for a new love interest? We’re hesitant to jump on the love interest bandwagon for characters all the time, but we’d actually prefer to see one for Erin before one for Danny, even if it’s not the one getting the most attention. Erin’s not mourning anyone, and while she hasn’t been the luckiest in love, she still has a lot to offer. We like the idea of Anthony maybe setting her up with someone and it going quite badly at first because of either prejudgments or the person not quite being her type. Yet, from there it’d be fun to see the relationship turn out to be something. Even if it doesn’t last, it could be a fun story with her outside of work. (Because Peter Hermann has another job, it’s hard to get him around consistently on this show.)

Who else can she share screen time with? One of the things that this show has done a good job with is finding ways to throw Erin into scenes with different characters, whether it be Danny, Frank, or even Eddie like we saw during the season 9 finale. We’d like to see something a little more off the beaten path now. Can we see more of Erin and Baez together? What about Erin and someone like Baker or Garrett?

Can we just have more of Erin outside of work in general? Other than when she’s with Nicky, it feels like we see less of her outside the workplace than any of the core four Reagans. Now seems like the perfect time to change that. Give her some hobbies or, at the very least, just show her more around the home.

What do you want to see when it comes to Erin on Blue Bloods season 10? Be sure to share now in the comments.

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