Fear the Walking Dead season 5 episode 4 video: Getting through to Dylan

Fear the Walking DeadWith Fear the Walking Dead season 5 episode 4 airing on AMC this weekend, questions abound about these kids.

It’s easy to dislike them, just as it’s easy to dislike the show for giving us them. The most frustrating part about them as characters is that they represent something that the rest of the group should be able to figure out. If we’re meant to believe that Morgan, Alicia, John Dorie, and the rest of this crew are skilled and capable of anything within this world, they should be able to properly suss out that there are some kids causing problems for them and are up to no good. Is that really too much to ask? We don’t think so.

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In the sneak peek below, it seems as though one adult is trying to emotionally understand one of the kids in Luciana, who speaks to Dylan about this idea of there being something more beyond just this world. She speaks to him about humanity and cites The Little Prince, a story that already has some bearing within the greater Walking Dead lore. This is a story that really speaks to finding yourself and understanding your own value beyond just darkness, and this seems to be a message Luciana is capable of conveying.

The problem that she runs into is that Luciana doesn’t know about Dylan working with the rest of the kids to tie up some of the walkers. She doesn’t get their involvement in whatever is going on in this season at large. We refuse to believe that the Big Bads for this season are just a group of kids fighting for their own survival, so there is a part of our brain that wants to just dismiss that outright and jettison such notions somewhere far away to where we don’t have to think of them anymore. Our preference here is that these kids are working for someone and they’ve taught them to operate and think in the way in which they are. Maybe Dylan can be reformed and if that’s the case, maybe he can get through to the others. Maybe we’re just starting to scratch the surface now of what could be a major part of the series as we continue to move this story forward.

Fear the Walking Dead season 5 has a TON of potential — Dwight was great in his return, we think that the hopeful ideals of the group make for a refreshing change of pace, and we want to think that two seasons into their time on board the show, Ian B. Goldberg and Andrew Chambliss have a good idea of what they’re enjoying doing within the world of the franchise.

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