ABC’s ‘Revenge’ review: Grayson family values meet Emily Thorne shockers

Three episodes in to “Revenge” now, and we are starting to wonder one thing: is anyone really changing this season? There was really one theme during Sunday night’s installment that we have seen for the past 25 episodes already: the Grayson family all hates each other, and none of them can really manage to tell the truth over anything. This episode started off with Victoria telling Daniel a fake story about how she was taken off the plane by the White-Haired Man, and it ended with all four family members shouting at each other over whether or not Victoria was really working for Conrad, against him, or with some completely separate motivation in mind.

As if all of this was not rough enough, we then had a press conference!

This scene was one of the best of the entire series, as we saw Victoria basically call up every member of her family to the press, admit the truth about her affair with David Clarke, and pretty much show off Amanda to the world under her fake name. Her stepping forward was enough to put her relationship with Jack in jeopardy, and it appears as though they are going their separate ways.

Away from the Grayson family, this episode did bring us the first sighting of Barry Sloane’s character Aidan as he started to do some of his own dirty work within the hour. With that in mind, we also saw Emily’s mother in the real world briefly as Aidan paid her a visit at a hotel, but did not tip her hand as to who he really was or what he wanted with her. So what was his goal? Let’s just say that he rigged her phone, revealing a message to Emily later that was between her and …. the White-Haired Man? Yes, that’s right: as evil as this man may have been, there was someone out there who still loved him. This is the cliffhanger for the week, and now there is plenty more that we want to learn pretty much immediately. It was a nice way to end the episode, and one that at least makes us want some more.

What did you think about this episode?

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