Outlander season 5 trailer: Five things we want to see

OutlanderOutlander season 5 is currently deep into filming, and we’re sure that the writers, the cast, and the entirety of the crew are cooking up some exciting stuff! For the sake of this article, though, let’s shift our gaze mostly to the subject of an official trailer, and some of what we should expect to see during it.

Viewing a show is mostly subjective; everyone is going to have their own things that they love the most and want to see the most in promotion for it. Yet, we do think that Outlander at least has some central tenets most are expecting — think in terms of some romance, a bit of action, and hopefully a great peek into history. It’s more than likely a different sort than what you’re getting elsewhere. We’re going to hone things down further in this piece, looking at five different elements that should be essential viewing.

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1. An expanded Fraser’s Ridge – We already know that the production design team’s been working on the Big House, the larger homestead for the Fraser family after they all outgrew the initial cabin. This would be a fantastic opportunity to see that for the first time — it stands as not only recognition of the passage of time, but also Jamie and Claire further putting down roots that this is where they want to live out their lives. This also will help to inspire further settlers to the region.

2. More of Roger and Bree actually around Jamie and Claire – For basically the entirety of this series, we have never had an opportunity to actually have all of these characters in the same exact place. The closest we came was with Roger arrived first to Fraser’s Ridge and suffered a horrible case of mistaken identity. Season 5 should serve as an opportunity to showcase all of these characters in the same spot, and an official trailer should give us a few little moments.

3. A little romance – We know that viewers crave it, and at the same time, emphasizing it in the trailer would be a great way to remind viewers that the love story isn’t over just because most of the key characters are now together. We know that this is a reason why a lot of shows really resist pairing people up for as long as they possibly can. It doesn’t have to be that way, and there still are many wonderful stories to tell of characters highs and lows.

4. Conflict – This is a story that is being told within a very delicate period of time in US history. Because of that, you can’t ignore the threat of the Revolutionary War! A good season 5 trailer would showcase some of the British army, suspicions over Jamie’s allegiances, and even a couple of battle sequences. We don’t need to see Jamie’s final stance per se towards the British in an official trailer, but putting some sort of emotional waffling would help the set the stage for what’s coming. Or, at least reminding us of what his big moral struggle is.

5. Supporting characters – We know that Jamie and Claire are always going to be at the forefront of the show, as they should be. We’re also pretty confident that Roger and Bree will get some time in the spotlight in the trailer, as well. What about characters like Marsali and Fergus? Will Murtagh have a moment or two? It would be nice to see some of these people have their opportunity to shine as well.

Give then Outlander season 5 will most likely not premiere until 2020, the producers obviously have some time to ponder over just what they want to include in the trailer. Let’s just try to stay patient every step of the way, since we probably won’t be seeing it until the fall at the earliest.

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