Queen Sugar season 4 episode 3 preview: Who is Jimmy Dale?

Queen SugarGet ready. Next week, Queen Sugar season 4 episode 3 is going to bring Jimmy Dale from Violet’s past into the forefront. How many problems is this going to cause? Let’s put the answer in just one word: Plenty.

When Nova decided to put all of the stories out there into the book, she did so with this aspiration of being some tea-spilling literary genius, clearly either not thinking or not caring about the ripple effect. It’s been bad already, but it’s about to be so much worse.

So who is Jimmy Dale exactly? It’s obviously someone Vi doesn’t want around and there’s a reason why she doesn’t either speak or acknowledge him. It’s not like this is a name that has reverberated through the lips of some of these characters for most of the series’ run so far. There’s a chance that he’s a relative, but the easier theory to muster is that he is an ex who has a history of doing or knowing some bad stuff. He’s not a welcome presence based on all of the info we’ve got. (You can see briefly in the promo a wristband with Dale’s last name on it.)

How much does Hollywood know about him? That’s something else to think about, as is his potential reaction to him being suddenly around. This is the basis for some of the fireworks that are coming and also some of the emotional scenes. The promo below is making a BIG promise that there are some tear-jerkers coming, and the best thing that we can do is try to go ahead and prepare for them.

Based on what we’ve got this season, Vi finding out about the contents of the book was unavoidable. Hollywood tried to protect her from it as long as possible, but you can’t just shield someone from the reality of the world. Nova did what she did and now everybody else has gotta deal with the consequences — crummy and terrible as they are.

So what else is happening?

It seems like Micah’s going to find himself in a less-than-fortunate situation, there will be some confrontations, and the promo ends with a moment of judgment. It’s a recognition almost of what so many viewers are feeling at the moment. There’s no doubt that Nova has basically lit the match that is all of season 4 right now and it only makes sense to feel frustrated by her as a result. Now, she has to figure out what she wants to do on the other side — either let things burn or grab an extinguisher. The ball for redemption is in her court.

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