grown-ish season 2 episode 15 preview: Zoey’s not-so-great decision

grown-ishgrown-ish season 2 episode 15 carries with it the title of “Tweakin,” and we don’t think there needs to be a whole lot of dissection into what that’s a reference to. Drug use is popular on campus at many different universities and depending on who’s around you, they may only serve as a means to further pressure you into doing things you know aren’t great for you. There is that feeling that you can get crazier than the person who came before you and when it comes to Zoey, she must be feeling that pressure. We have no real other sense as to why she would be getting as high as she is in this upcoming episode.

Let’s go ahead and say this — the alternate title for this episode could be “Zoey learns a hard lesson.” This feels almost like one of those episodes of a Saturday-morning cartoon that you watch for the comedy, but then halfway through you end up stumbling upon an important message. grown-ish is a little more adult than that (hey, we’re one step away from just Grown here!), but it does still possess that ability to get viewers watching thinking it’s one thing to then present a different message. It’s not bait-and-switch so much, mostly because we like to think most viewers of this show are old enough to understand not to do something like this.

Below, CarterMatt offers up the official grown-ish season 2 episode 15 synopsis with some other news as to what’s coming up:

Labels are on everyone’s mind as Ana and Aaron struggle to define what they each want out of their relationship. Doug and Vivek are convinced that Aaron is boo’d up. Zoey tries getting “Luca Jae Hall”-level high, but winds up overdoing it.

Is there a lot of stuff coming up in here beyond Zoey’s drug-based choices? Sure, but with a title like “Tweakin'” you can’t blame us if we are casting our focus mostly in one specific direction.

A story about labels

This is the sort of stuff that exists a lot with young people these days, mostly because we think this is a world with so much more ambiguity than what was there ten or even five years ago. Because everyone has so many more options in every part of their lives these days, it does open the door to a whole lot more in the way of indecision. People can be easily directly by every little thing that darts in front of their faces — it’s almost like leaving the car dealership, happy with your purchase, only to then see another shiny-new car enter the lot.

Because there are so many different choices out there, it also leads to different wants and insecurities. This is what Ana and Aaron have to figure out about themselves and where they are. It’s true that they’re young and they’ve got their whole lives ahead of them, but you don’t want to use that as an excuse to pass up something great in front of you. If what they have works, why not have it all?

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