Queen of the south season 4 episode 3 sneak peek: What Teresa needs

Queen of the SouthEntering Queen of the South season 4 episode 3, Teresa finds herself in a tricky position — not that this would come as some kind of shock. Isn’t she in a tricky position on virtually every episode?

What makes this crisis different from some others is that Teresa finds herself in a spot where she needs money. Unfortunately, finding a proper way to get it proves difficult. She needs to purchase a trucking company in order to ensure that her New Orleans operation stays moving in the right direction. Yet, she can’t do it by throwing some bags of money on someone’s door and calling it a day. She needs for it to look legitimate, like something that would happen with any other professional company. It’s keeping a clean trail and making sure no one bothers to check for chaos underneath the sheen.

The sneak peek that CarterMatt has for you below is all about Teresa finding a way to see if the necessary money can be wired to her — and fast. Time is of the essence, especially since she finds herself facing some new threats. One of the more present ones is the judge … otherwise known as one of the last people you want working against you. This is someone who obviously has a tremendous amount of power and influence in the city. Do some people know that he’s corrupt? Probably, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they have any power or ability to stop him. There’s a fear that he can snap his fingers like a New Orleans Thanos and completely send criminal empires into oblivion. Teresa doesn’t want that, especially since she’s really just getting her operation off the ground there. She needs discretion … and that means transactions that come across as above-board.

If we had to come out with some sort of bold prediction entering Thursday’s episode, we’d say that she is probably going to find a way to figure things out here and emerge on the other side in one piece. What we’re a little more concerned about, however, is the possibility that another threat pops up from out of nowhere, says hello, and then screws over a part of her empire.

Teresa’s dual lives

Perhaps more so than any other season in some time, Queen of the South seems to be walking a high-wire act between the personal and professional — and it’s just for people like Teresa. The judge has his own double-life clearly, but for Teresa, her story is so interesting right now because New Orleans correlates to being a new start. She’s got a new boyfriend, new contacts, and a chance to do things differently than she has in the past. Whether or not this journey turns out different for her is yet to be determined, but she is certainly coming into what’s left with a golden opportunity. This gold may just fade away fast.

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