NBC’s ‘Revolution’ spoilers: First look at ‘Soul Train’

We realize that we have been hard on “Revolution” at times this season, but we do have to say one thing at the moment: the show is really starting to pick up a little bit of steam when it comes to its storytelling. We had a pretty interesting episode last week that led to the shocking death of Maggie, and now, we are about to see something else that is also particularly intriguing in the show’s equivalent of “The Great Train Robbery.”

In some ways, there is a part of us that has to admit that we cannot really think about this idea without picturing the recent episode of “Breaking Bad” all about a train, but we have a feeling that this will be stellar in its own right. After all, this may be one of the largest big-budget train sequences that we have ever seen on television, as the story revolves largely around Charlie and Miles’ attempts to try and get Danny extracted from the train. Of course, there is also going to be someone waiting in the wings to stop it: Captain Neville.

Will these two succeed? That much is something that we do not know at the moment; however, what we can ultimately say that the episode is going to be among the most action-packed on TV thus far. In addition to there being plenty of gunfights and swords, we will also have a few surprises here and there. We’re not sure if Danny will be set free by the end of the hour, but we are pretty confident that we will at least see plenty of excitement.

What do you want to see happen during this episode?

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