Good Trouble season 2 premiere: Show boss on Jamie, Callie moment

Freeform LogoGood Trouble season 2 kicked off its second season on Tuesday with a huge romantic revelation — but one without a proper response. Jamie told Callie he loved her, and made it clear that every single thing that he told her was a response to her taking such great risks in her case. He wants to make sure that she’s okay and is motivated deeply by a desire to make sure that she keeps this job.

Here is the issue with Jamie’s confession — he didn’t exactly get an “I love you” back. For the record, he didn’t get a full-fledged rejection either, as he got a kiss. It just doesn’t seem like Callie knows what she wants yet when it comes to a romantic partner, and we’re not sure we’ll see Jamie all that regularly anyway given that this character tends to pop in and out throughout the show.

No matter how Callie feels in the days and weeks to come, though, one thing feels clear: There is more of this story still to tell! This is something that was confirmed by show executive producer Peter Paige, who had the following to say in a new interview with TVLine following the premiere:

“Callie’s a waffler. Callie’s always got, like, at least half a foot out any door … That’s just her challenge as a human being. I think it comes from the loss of her mother and being raised in foster homes, and I think that there’s a protective stance for her of like, ‘I could escape at any moment if I have to.’”

Could she have a better sense as to exactly what it is that she wants a little bit later on down the road this season? Sure, but it’s not a given. The truth is, Callie’s still young. It’s easy to forget that because we’ve seen this character on television for such a long time now. There are a lot of people her age who don’t have the entirety of their lives figured out just yet and that is what her story seems to be mostly a reflection of. The producers of Good Trouble seem to be intent on giving these young people a voice, one where they know it’s okay to be patient and at times indecisive. Sometimes, the truth about what they want becomes a little more clear over time.

As for Gael…

Rest assured, there is going to be more important stories to tell with him, especially with one of his first real loves coming on board the show this season. This is a way to add some more tension to the show, especially if Callie does decide that she wants to fight for him. There’s another person in the mix that only adds to the drama and the question marks.

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