Is LA’s Finest renewed for season 2, canceled at Spectrum?

LA's FinestWhat’s coming up in terms of the future of LA’s Finest? Well, let’s just say that Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba have a future over with Spectrum Originals.

When Spectrum and Charter Communications decided to partner with Sony on this project, they took a big risk. This was an expensive endeavor for them, especially when they haven’t done anything with this sort of notoriety before. It’s also carrying on the legacy of Bad Boys. The show has received some mixed reviews, but clearly they are happy enough with its performers to bring it back for another season. Because of their non-traditional programming model (which includes a lot of On-Demand viewing), it’s hard to necessarily gauge the total audience size of the show. Rest assured, the series is going to have a season 2.

In confirming that news, Spectrum Originals head Katherine Pope had the following to say:

“We’re thrilled ‘L.A.’s Finest’ has resonated with our subscribers in such a major way. When I first saw the pilot – a show about two strong women learning to trust and support each other and still getting into plenty of trouble – I knew I’d follow them anywhere … Kudos to Gabrielle and Jessica, as stars and executive producers, along with creators Brandon Sonnier and Brandon Margolis and everyone else involved, for helping us launch our first original series and making the decision to greenlight a second season incredibly easy.”

There are clearly some plans in the works for a season 2 already. While at the Monte Carlo TV Festival this past week, Alba and Union talked about some of that while also discussing the show’s most unfortunate headline — executive producer Brandon Sonnier having a part of his leg amputated below the knee as a result of a horrific on-set accident. Per Variety, here is what Alba had to say:

“We’ve been texting. They are excited for this next season. They are already pitching different things. We are securing our crew. They are texting us about that. There are many emojis that he is using. Yeah, [Sonnier] is just so resilient.

“He’s like: Okay, great! Back in the writers’ room. Who do we need? Who is going to be permanent. What directors do we need. Are we going to start lining up…”

Despite what’s gone on behind the scenes, the message here is clear: This is a cast and crew that is enthusiastic, unified, and ready to come out and deliver the best season 2 possible. What is so great about where they are now is that they’ve gotten a chance now to see some of what works and what doesn’t. They can improve and tinker to make sure that there is an even better batch of episodes coming up.

Odds are, we’ll see LA’s Finest season 2 coming at some point in 2020, based at least on the timing of this announcement. We’ll see where things go with the show from here.

What do you want to see when it comes to a LA’s Finest season 2? Be sure to share right now in the comments. (Photo: Spectrum.)

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