Fear the Walking Dead season 5 episode 3 review: Saving Dwight

Fear the Walking Dead

For tonight’s Fear the Walking Dead season 5 episode 3, we’re taking a trip back to the OK Corral … or at least a simulated version.

For John Dorie and then also June, tonight’s episode afforded them an opportunity to explore a wannabe Old West community as they looked to both find more supplies and also get some shelter from a storm. The winds were blowing harshly, but there was something fun about seeing the zombies struggle amidst the strong gusts. As they eventually did work their way back out, there was one person awaiting them that we certainly did not expect — Dwight! He’s back! Not only that, but he is looking for someone — most likely Sherry, who he was trying to hunt down at the time of his Walking Dead exit.

Here’s the dilemma that John and June struggled with after finding Dwight and temporarily neutralizing him — their mission is to help people and Dwight, in his condition, clearly needed help. They determined that he wasn’t dangerous to them and soon after, the recovery began. He opened up, explained who he was, and precisely who he was looking for. John and June remained friendly to him, and eventually, Dwight made it clear that there were a lot of dead ends. He was looking for a car that contained Sherry’s last message. They found it at a campground — but when they found it, there was nobody there alive.

The moment Dwight learned the truth about the campground, we were starting to wonder if he was to meet a terrible end. Would he take his own life in that car? Was that going to be it? John and June insisted that he kept fighting and not to give up on himself. He may have done some terrible things in the past, but those things don’t define who he is now … or who he could still be.

When Dwight’s car got surrounded with zombies, they had to come up with a crazy way to save him. This allowed us an ol’ Wild West shootout and Dorie executing quite possibly the coolest gunshot in Fear the Walking Dead history. After the zombies were taken care of Dorie tried to pass along some good news to Dwight that Sherry could still be out there, and this is where we leave him off … for now.

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What was going on elsewhere?

For Alicia and Luciana, they were put in a position to help themselves after hearing from the kids (Dylan, Max, and Annie) again, accidentally, when they were in the process of contacting Morgan. They wanted to help but, soon after that, they ran into some trouble on the road — clearly, there was someone who didn’t want anyone out on the road.

Alicia made it her mission in order to get the kids back on board and realize that she and the rest of the group aren’t going to hurt them. This led to her picking up a walkie and giving them a message — she’s been there before. She’s lost her mother and her brother and she understands what it’s like to suffer. She’s still suffering.

At the end of the episode, much of the group reunited, and that meant that Morgan and Dwight had a chance to see each other for the first time since they were on The Walking Dead. Morgan seemed to forgive him for his past.

Then, Dwight tried to show the whole group everything that he’s encountered in the area, which basically includes a wall of zombies blocking off a part of the land. Right when the whole group was about to engage, Max called in and the team headed off to the Truck Stop to meet them … only to encounter a van housing a terrified Dylan. That was just a part of a trap the kids were orchestrating, and we’ll see precisely where this leads and why — they also are responsible for tying up some of the zombies!

CarterMatt Verdict

Is this one of the best Fear the Walking Dead episodes in years? We’re kind of willing to wager it is. Some of the show’s best episodes are the ones that are a little bit smaller and we got that here with just two major storylines — you had Austin Amelio kill it in Dwight’s big return while Alycia Debnam-Carey killed it delivering her walkie-talkie monologue to the kids. So much great emotional stuff, and a solid foundation to whatever is coming up next.

As for the kids as villains … we’re not so sure on that.

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