Siren season 2 episode 10 promo: The experiments take a toll on Ryn

SirenThey are definitely many things to think about entering Siren season 2 episode 10, but the biggest one has to be about Ryn. Is she going to end up being okay as a result of all of these experiments?

Obviously, we know that she’s entered this plan with the best of intentions. She wants to make sure that Ben’s mother is okay, as there is this idea that her cells may be the best way in order to make sure that that happens. Unfortunately, as it turns out, these experiments to come with a side effect like no other — aggression. There seems to be something about what’s happening to Ryn that is biologically making an angry side come out of her. It’s almost as though she can’t control it, and it could come out at any given moment. The promo below showcases her, in the middle of the grocery store, losing it on someone else. Meanwhile, you also see her develop us and almost instant rage within a tank. It’s a cause for serious concern and it could only get worse.

Ultimately, what we’re most worried about is that there may be an enormous choice that needs to be made before episode 10 comes to a close. Either Ryn can continue this experiment and do whatever she can in order to help Ben’s mother recover, or she may ultimately decide that it’s just not something in the cards for her. If she’s not able to handle it anymore, she may need to actually walk away from the situation entirely. The unfortunate thing that comes as a result of this is that Ben’s mother may never end up being okay.

Will he forgive her if that’s the case? Will he understand some of what is going on with her? These are clearly characters that have been through a lot over the past couple of years, but Ben’s relationship with his mother obviously stems back so much further than that. That’s why it’s hard to draw any assumptions as to how he could have been celeriac to any of this. He may say that he is okay, but weeks down the road, he may start to feel a little differently.

Thematically, one of the best ways to look at this episode is a look at both the positives and negatives of science. The obvious benefit of something like this is that it could help save a life, but with the science so early in development, nobody knows quite what the other side is going to be. That danger could end up defining any future mermaid-based experiments.

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