Siren season 2 episode 9 review: Were Xander, Calvin saved from burning boat?

Xander SirenWith that insane cliffhanger Siren season 2 left us with mid-season it has been a stupid long wait for the show to return with episode 9. Anyone else out there wishing the time away until this show came back? Xander and Calvin were left to die on a burning boat, and Sarge may be dead! We saw him get badly cut at the end of the episode and we have been praying to all the ocean gods that these magical healing properties everyone’s talking about with the sirens will be enough to heal Sarge. Unfortunately our prayers were not answered and this episode began with an ocean funeral for Sarge.

Xander, Calvin and a boat on fire

With the distress call sent out, Ben and Maddie were able to get to Xander’s boat and save him and Calvin, but his boat… it’s a goner. We thought Xander would be a lot more upset about his boat going up in flames – shockingly he’s not upset to see it go as he wants to move on into a new direction in his life since he was born into the fishing life and legacy instead of having a chance to figure himself out.

Family troubles

Ben’s mom and dad feel that he and Maddie are involved in the oil drilling equipment destruction since they showed up to the party late and with wet hair – of course they aren’t wrong. Ben’s father confronts him and while he doesn’t admit to anything they both know he was involved. Ben is told that this may have set them back a couple of months, but this stunt isn’t going to actually stop this from happening and further more Ben is basically cut off from any family help… that is until Ben’s mother gets sick.

The treatments that she has been getting through Decker’s program aren’t working and a paralysis has over taken her arm and could be creeping towards her lungs. Ben learns that there is video from the night the oil machinery was destroyed and his father offers him money to go and lay low for a while – not necessarily because he wants his son safe, but more so because his mother is in such a fragile state that Ben getting arrested is a stress she can’t handle. Ben says no, he’s not leaving his mother in her time of need. More so we are worried about what is on that video and it seems that we should be since the video is shown at over 2700 feet deep and it has a dark image of a siren swimming. The world record for deep free diving is 700 feet so Ben’s father knows he’s looking at something else.

Nicole is trying to find Ryn to get more testing done, but with everyone back in the water she’s just running into dead ends. She shows Ben and Maddie the video of Ryn working freely with them and even though they are confused as to why Ryn would agree to this they aren’t giving up where she is except with a general “she’s in the ocean and she will never be back”… what they don’t know is that she’s back on land. Her first stop is to Helen’s shop to let her know that Sarge died which was completely heartbreaking. We loved the relationship that was developing with Helen and Sarge beyond words.

Her second stop is of course to Ben and Maddie and it’s a reunion that should have everyone smiling! The next morning they lay everything on the table -Ryn tells them she worked with Nicole to get Ben out of jail and Maddie suggests that Ryn go back into the water for a while until the Nicole situation moves away from them. Ryn refuses and says she is staying. She really feels that she has a choice in this and for now she does, but we have seen Nicole’s boss pushing for faster results and Ryn has already been gone for 2 weeks.

With Ben’s mother getting worse and knowing that the clinical trial of Decker’s research could help if it was fully fleshed out Ben makes a bold move and decides to talk to Nicole. Decker had made real progress in his trials and it was very close to being ready for use, so he tells Ryn and Maddie that Nicole and her team will happily do more testing and get that research out of trial to help Ben’s mom. Ryn decides she wants to do it and Ben and Maddie promise to be by her side the entire way.

Helen’s family help

She and Rick have grown closer since learning that they are family and about his siren heritage. Rick’s sister on the other hand still thinks he’s a bit off and doesn’t really want anything to do with him. He tells Helen that he’s hoping that this new found knowledge about their background might help bridge that gap and Helen offers to go with him to help since most people aren’t open to hearing this kind of news – and can we blame them? Hi, I know we haven’t spoken in years but we are mermaids! Probably not going to go over well. After trying to tell his sister that they are mermaids, Helen realizes that this isn’t going to land well and pulls the plug on it. On their way home they pull off at a rest stop and get kidnapped and the person behind this kidnapping is Rick’s sister!!! Clearly there is a lot more going on here with her and mermaids then Rick ever realized.

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CarterMatt Verdict

This episode did a really great job of throwing us into the main focus of the second half of this season. The oil company isn’t completely in the rear-view mirror, but his mother’s paralysis and Ryn helping the military with Decker’s unfinished research is something new that we are moving into. Hopefully it will work to help her and we think that this process and Ryn’s sacrifice for Ben will only bring them closer together.

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