Claws season 3 episode 2 review: The problem with Penelope

ClawsTonight, Claws delivered some of the first real action featuring Desna as casino owner, and what we think she realized is rather simple — it’s not easy. The same goes for stopping a conspiracy that starts with Mac and Melba and may go all the way up to the Governor.

What we learned through this episode is that there is some sort of money-funneling operation that heads all the way up to the State Capitol — Penelope, the body-building contestant who was at the casino in this episode, was able to supply at least some of the information. Desna understood that whatever was going on with her, it was trapping her in a position full of danger and despair. That’s why she worked to get her out of it. She thought that she was a step ahead of anyone who was in her way when, in reality, she really wasn’t at all. Mac and Melba’s operation does have a lot of power to it, and whatever’s going on here has some layers. It’s also produced a dead body, given that Penelope is now gone and Desna’s not even aware of it at the moment.

What else did we learn within this episode? When it comes to Jenn, she’s got her work cut out for her courtesy of EJ’s return into her life. She recognized some of what he was saying — that he was trying to get his life on track after some troubles with the law. There was also an understanding about her daughter’s cultural identity and she didn’t want her to grow up in a world where there weren’t a lot of people who looked like her. That’s why we saw Jenn try to extend an olive branch in order to make sure that EJ could be around; but, he didn’t like her terms of the agreement. Instead, he provoked Bryce enough to hit him in order to build a stronger custody case for himself. Consider this the most emotional character story of the episode.

As for some of your other Claws favorites, they went through a fair share of highs and lows working the casino business. Take, for example, Polly trying to adopt a character for the business manager and dealing with a lot of annoying business-related struggles along the way. Meanwhile, Virginia started to come around to running the nail salon, even to the point where she got promoted! Quiet Ann seemed to enjoy herself assisting the bodybuilders, and Uncle Daddy’s decided, apparently with Virginia’s encouragement, that he wants to turn the clinic into a place of healing.

Yet, Virginia doesn’t quite realize yet that it was Toby who ended up shooting her at the end of last season … that’s the big mystery that still remains.

CarterMatt Verdict

Claws season 3 episode 2 delivered so much of what makes this show engaging, including some really funny moments and a few occasions where the show got meta. It also brought you more of its twisted brand of romance, whether it be Dean deciding that he needs sexual healing or Roller proclaiming that even though they’ve tried to kill each other, he thinks that he and Desna still have a future. All of this is a little bit crazy, but it’s absolutely still entertaining. With the entire State of Florida now somehow involved in the story, it only seems like things are going to get even crazier from here on out.

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