Absentia season 3: Three big questions for Stana Katic series’ future

Absentia season 2Before we go too far down into this Absentia season 3 rabbit hole, we should note that officially, there is no season 3 renewal at the moment. It is still something that we’re hoping to see happen, but we don’t want to issue any guarantees.

For more about the factors related to a renewal, be sure to visit the link here. The focus of this particular story is geared mostly around one simple question: Where could the story go from here? How could Absentia season 3 could to evolve and push things forward? There are three simple questions that the Sony series could ponder over, and we’re focusing specifically on three different parts of Emily’s life. Think in terms of her professional career, her life with Nick and Flynn, and then also her oh-so-mysterious past.

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1. How will Emily, Nick, and Flynn react to Alice’s death? Presuming that she’s gone (which feels likely), there’s going to be an enormous ripple effect — that’s especially the case for Nick as he learns and has to contend with the start of his relationship with her being a lie. It’s the sort of thing that could drive Nick into a deep depression and isolate him from everyone. Meanwhile, it could also traumatize Flynn even further. It’s possible that it could cause Flynn and Nick both to rely more on Emily, but we think it’s a little crazy to draw any enormous assumptions about this story without any further information.

2. Who is in charge of the FBI branch in Boston now? It seemed like Gunnarsen had taken over the post at the end of season 2, but as of right now, we’re not 100% sure that she will stay in that spot for good. We think the FBI leadership does matter, given that this does set the tone for whatever the particular office does. It also could prove important here for Emily’s future depending on how she and Julianne handle the shooting of Alice and the aftermath of that … which wasn’t fully addressed at the end of season 2.

3. Will Emily’s past be a top story? We have a good sense now of how Emily was effectively patient zero for a complicated series of experiments on people with PTSD. Meanwhile, we know more about what happened to her circa season 1. There is more to explore, but rather than actually diving further into Emily’s past, season 3 could be a story more about how Emily’s past, in one way or another, ends up impacting her future. Maybe that’s a different angle that the writers could exploit and just focus more directly on the present.

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