Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta season 8 episode 14 video: Talking things out

Love and Hip HopThe next new episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is set to arrive Monday night’s new episode, and at the center of the latest sneak peek is a rehashing of old events. Basically, consider this to be an opportunity for some of these women to catch up. That includes a lie-detector test, time in Trinidad, red flags, and a lot of recent headlines.

In this sneak peek (which you can see over at the link here), you can see Karlie, Mimi and Sierra talk through a lot of the aforementioned stuff, starting off with what happened in Trinidad and some “delusional” claims that were made about Karlie. This is where some of the lie-detector claims come from — basically, a way to get some validation and score a personal victory. It’s not so much out of desperation or anything else.

Here’s one other thing to anticipate here — the return of Ty after months away in Israel and there’s a lot of stuff that could come along with that. Stevie is apparently back in Atlanta, and this is where Scrappy also comes back into the fold — he’s apparently a part of some guys’ event that is going on. The return of Scrap into the world of the show is going to possibly have a ripple effect … with the operative word here being “possibly.” Maybe everyone really is just ready to take some steps forward.

By the end of the preview, we do get more of a discussion about Karlie’s personal life and whether or not Dr. Jeff could actually help her and Mo. The ladies (understandably) have some concerns about Mo and his treatment of her — to be specific, if he’s too controlling. It’s hard to live in a world where you’re told not only where you gotta be, but also when you gotta be there.

Really, much of what we’re seeing in this discussion feels like a bridge. It gives you a sense of what was within the world of this show, but also more in terms of what could be. It’s a necessary few moments for everyone to reconnect after everything that’s been going on. Moving forward, we’re expecting things to get emotional — and dramatic. We’re so far into this season now that boiling points are going to happen! The large question is whether or not everyone will be fully prepared for them when they inevitably arise. (We know that the reunion is coming — that’s another chance to talk everything out further, and it probably won’t be as peaceful as anything we’ve got here.)

What do you think is coming up in the aftermath of all of this? Be sure to share right now in the comments, and check back soon for some other news. (Photo: VH1.)

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