So You Think You Can Dance video: Season 16 auditions continue!

SYTYCDIs it weird to call a competition show that has been on for 16 seasons an underdog? It a lot of ways it really does feel like it, but that’s still kind of what So You Think You Can Dance is. It’s the show that never necessarily delivers enormous ratings, but its viewers really understand what it is all about. This is a show that is all about the art of the dance and the individual movements that make it special. A lot of it is the physical ability, but it’s also that rare gift to emotionally connect with every single note of the song. It’s about seeing and understanding where the dancer is coming from and how their story shapes their performance.

Based on the promo that was just released for Monday night’s new episode, it definitely feels as though you’re going to be seeing some of this art in breathtaking ways. There are more emotional stories coming, including a young woman who wants to make her dreams come true right now because she may not be around to do it in the future. This is the sort of stuff that makes for tear-jerking moments, but the thing about So You Think You Can Dance is that it’s never just about hearing someone’s story. It’s about seeing the expression of it, and watching them actually deliver something that is powerful and raw and at times even gritty on that stage. It’s about bringing those judges something that they haven’t seen before.

We’re only two episodes into this season, so it really doesn’t feel like we’re anywhere near far enough to gauge who the favorites are. While we’re in this phase, we just want to see someone who pops on the stage in a way that we don’t often see. Maybe it’s a sense of lyricism in their movements, or maybe it’s aggression or even a reckless abandon. Someone who just dances because they have no better way to express themselves. The auditions are going to continue for a little while, and then soon after that, we’ll get to the part of the competition that really excites us. For us, peak So You Think You Can Dance is when you narrow down the field to just a small handful of people and you get a chance to actually get to know these people and root for them. It’s such a unique medium with this show because nothing else gives individual dancers the same amount of attention and creative artistry that this show does.

For those of you who do follow the ratings for So You Think You Can Dance closely, you may know some of the good news. So far, season 16 is more or less even in most of the key measurements with the season that aired before it. If you’re already thinking about next season (season 17!), that’s a good thing to be hopeful about.

What do you want to see on Monday night’s new episode of So You Think You Can Dance? Be sure to stay or right now in the comments. We’ll be back with more news soon. (Photo: Fox.)

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