Claws season 3 episode 2 video: Is the casino more harm than good?

ClawsPrepare yourself for Claws season 3 episode 2 to air on TNT tomorrow, and with that, also prepare yourself for all sorts of ridiculousness. We are going to see Desna and some of the other characters do their best to dive into the casino business, but it’s probably not going to go anywhere near as well as they think.

If there are two words we would use in order to describe Claws season 3, it’d probably go something along the lines of this: Owning it. After everything that she’s been through the past two seasons, we have a pretty good sense Desna thinks she is able to get everything that she possibly wants out of her operation. That means that she’s going to be continuing to battle out adversaries, but she’s not going to be doing it from a place of weakness at all. All of the fear that she once had is gone, and she’s ready to go full-on Kingpin. That probably takes a certain sort of discretion that she may not be capable of, but it’s going to be a lot of fun to see how she navigates it.

The same goes for all the struggles at the casino in general. Nothing with this place is going to be stable, which actually makes sense — that’s kinda the nature of casinos in general. Plus, it’s not exactly as though Desna or anyone else has that much experience within the casino business. It would be like us jumping up from a keyboard and deciding that we want to go be a professional surfer. The skills that just don’t quite line up! She’s going to have to rely on some other people for help here and there, but she can also trust her instincts and see how that goes.

As for some of the other characters in episode 2 and beyond, clearly they are going to be going through problems of their own. Take, for example, Virginia. It seems like she’s coming out of the shooting a completely different person, but we think sooner or later the old Virginia is going to take back over. The problem is that circumstances may be different, Dean’s life is certainly going to change (the trailer below hints at an addiction), and we imagine that being in this sort of environment is going to shake up her perception on the world in general. As this world just gets crazier and crazier, you just have to wonder whether or not everyone is going to be able to handle it. It’s understandable if something happens that makes someone actually say to themselves “well, this may actually be too much.”

Above all else, for us as a viewer, we just want to see Claws continue to be fun. That’s what makes it stand out in the summer landscape. While it does have these really intense moments of drama, it is a show that does make you smile and it’s so addictive that you can’t stop watching once you start.

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