Designated Survivor season 4: Is the cast, crew hoping for more?

We’re now one week removed from the fantastic return of Designated Survivor (now to Netflix), and it feels fair to say that we’re immensely satisfied by it. We’ve gotten a chance to see some great stories, to see the tone of the show change, and to see the producers really work to take advantage of now being on the streaming service. It’s an edgier, riskier show than ever before, and it’s also got some fantastic new additions.

So now that the series arguably has more momentum than ever before, should we feel confident in a fourth season? We learned not to be confident in really anything (especially on Netflix these days, given how okay they’ve been to cancel various shows), but we’re at least reasonably hopeful that there could be. It’s at least assuring to know that some of the cast and creative team seem to be interested. We’ve seen as such on social media (though we’re unsure of the future of a few different people), and one person in particular who seems to be down to come back is Jamie Clayton. She was one of the best additions of the season as Kirkman’s sister-in-law Sasha, and she made it clear to TVInsider that she would be game to dive more into these stories once more:

I had a little chat with the producers, with Neal and a couple of the writers, and they were so happy with the work that I was doing. again, that’s why I was written into more episodes, which was so sweet. You saw that final episode where Tom brings her up on stage. They had told me that I was going to be there and they really wanted to cement that relationship and so I’m hoping that yes, there will be another season and Sasha will definitely be a part of it, hopefully a big part of it, but I would leave it up to the writers to do.

We absolutely think that there is more for Sasha to do as she becomes more of a public advocate for transgender rights, an inspirational figure, and also someone who can be an emotional rock for Kirkman at the same time. She fit rather nicely into the family dynamic on the occasions in which we saw her.

Of course, it’s probably going to be some time before we know for sure, one way or another if Designated Survivor is coming back. Netflix has no reason to hurry and while we think it’s gotten itself some attention, we’ve learned that this doesn’t mean a whole lot to them. A lot of it may just come down to money and whether or not they think a given show is bringing them subscribers that they don’t normally have. That was one of the original appeals of Longmire — to get the streaming service an audience they did not have beforehand.

For now, it’s just nice to know people involved in Designated Survivor are as interested in a season 4 as we are.

Are you holding out hope right now for another season of the show? Be sure to share in the comments.

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