Better Call Saul season 5 is even keeping hair a secret

Better Call Saul season 4Just how secretive is Better Call Saul being heading into the upcoming fifth season? Let’s just say that there are many topics off limits —  including The hairdos of some of the actors.

Over the past few years, there have been many people who have drawn some theories and conclusions on Better Call Saul based on the hairstyles of given characters. In particular here, we’re talking about none other than Kim Wexler. Her hair is often an emotional signature in some way. It’s a good way to tell whether or not she is extremely stressed out, whether or not she’s relaxed, or whether she is somewhere in between. Better Call Saul likes to use a number of different visual cues, much like Breaking Bad before it, in order to dictate mood. For example, color very much is a major part of this show and you can look for various meanings for different color choices. It’s with that in mind that Better Call Saul works to ensure that all secrets are kept under lock and key.

So how secretive are we talking about here? Take a look at some of what Rhea Seehorn has to say in a new interview with Vulture:

I am not allowed to talk about hair. We’re not allowed to do any photos. I feel bad — we run into fans when we’re shooting but we can’t be photographed in costume at all. But it’s funny that now, because of the ponytail, people will clock what’s going on if I were to post a photo of my hairdo. I can tell you that a lot of decision-making goes into my hairdo.

Obviously, this is pretty hardcore stuff. It’s even more hardcore when you think about the fact that Better Call Saul is a prequel and technically, most people have at least a relative sense of where the story is going. Where things obviously get a little bit more confusing comes via some of the finer details.

For example, no one knows exactly what happens to Kim at the end of all of this. We will firmly believe until told otherwise that she finds a way to survive this show, and maybe ends up being happy somewhere else. Maybe she even ends up reuniting with Gene a.k.a. Jimmy in the future. Of course, it’s also possible that Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould find a way to smash our hearts into total pieces.

One way or another, though, Better Call Saul doesn’t want anything to give the game away with this character. They recognize that Kim, in particular, is one of the biggest secrets that they have left. There’s more invested in her than almost anyone else, especially now that Chuck is dead. We already know fell fairly well what happened to Jimmy. Also, this is a sense of Better Call Saul being aware that we live in this spoiler-hungry culture where everyone wants to know everything about a show at every given moment. That makes the need for secrecy all the more important.

What do you think about Better Call Saul being so secretive when it comes to everything like this? be sure to share in the comments. (Photo: AMC.)

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