Agents of SHIELD season 6 episode 5 review: What are the Shrike?

Agents of SHIELDTonight, Agents of SHIELD season 6 episode 5 offered off something that we certainly appreciated — flashbacks of Melinda May and Phil Coulson. Of course, beyond that there were also opportunities aplenty to learn about Sarge and his own endgame.

So why did Sarge kidnap her? Through the first half of the episode this was the primary question, though we knew that he wasn’t as evil as we first thought. He was there to eradicate a certain brand of aliens and knowing May’s power, he wanted her on her side. He just couldn’t figure out why there was someone on this world who looked like him. There were no clear answers from May on that subject.

What we did get some answers on is this: The Shrike. This is what Sarge seems to be hunting, and they tend to pop up on various worlds. He’s almost like a wandering bounty hunter where these beings are his frequent bounty. Unless he finds a way to stop them, it will bring about the death of everything. Sarge’s plan appears to be ultimately to draw out the creator of the Shrike and then stop them — effectively, cutting off the monster before it can do any more harm to the greater human race. This is a smart plan but here’s the problem with it — it’s not a plan where there is any guarantee of it working. There’s a pretty good chance that all of Sarge’s efforts are in vain, valiant as they may be.

We believe every little thing that Sarge said here, but here’s the problem — kidnapping May isn’t the right way to ensure that she listens to you. When she saw an opportunity to escape she did her best to do just that. The line of the night? “He was your dream. I’m your nightmare.” He threatened her however much he could but, in the end, she defeated him.

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The trouble for Fitz

Well, for starters, he’s been separated for most of the season. Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee that life will be any better for either him or Simmons soon. The truth is, Fitz’s time-travel history is in demand, especially since Enoch and Altarah are looking for a means to get what they want. The best way for them to do that? Well apparently, it’s so simple as trying to use Simmons as bait to get Fitz to do what they want. They need Fitz and cannot kill him, and really, they can’t kill Simmons either. They need that motivation.

Daisy came up with an idea to fight, knowing that this could be a way for them to escape. Yet, Simmons also realized that the more efficient way to save Fitz was to work with him directly and send Daisy home. That was the deal that she made — she would help Enoch, provided that everyone else (including Daisy) was let go.

In the closing tag tonight Enoch paid Fitz and visit and made it clear that Jemma was on board — and they also made it clear that he needed to figure out a way to time travel. Otherwise, the two of them are probably screwed. Fitz feels betrayed by Enoch since this feels like an impossible goal.

Mack’s mission

He’s working with Benson, who is clearly doing his part to uncover the secrets of this world — and it seems like at this point, he and Sarge want at least some of the same things in answers. As it turns out, Yo-Yo may have already seen a Shrike before in some way.

After Fitz and Simmons’ deal and then also Mack’s arrival back home, the episode concluded with MOST of the characters making it back to the same place for a change. Not everyone, mind you, but we’re nearing some sort of vast reunion.

CarterMatt Verdict

This was a fantastic episode in terms of setting the stage for what could be coming, but at least giving us a good sense of some of the threats that are out there that Sarge is trying to deal with. Maybe he will find a better way of doing business — he’s going to need to if he wants the help of one Agent May along the way.

For the record, there is no clear Marvel counterpart to the Shrike — unless you consider Killer Shrike to somehow be involved.

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