Blue Bloods season 10 spotlight: The future of Tom Selleck’s Frank

Blue Bloods season 10

As we near Blue Bloods season 10 airing this fall on CBS, what’s the future going to hold for Tom Selleck and his character of Frank? Consider this article your window into this subject! We’ve been doing these articles for the past couple of weeks (read our most-recent spotlight on Jamie here) and it makes sense to now spotlight the Commissioner.

After all, Tom Selleck clearly remains the most valuable commodity on this show to the people over at CBS. There’s a reason why Frank is included in virtually every promo that CBS throws out there, and it’s because they know that the Magnum PI alum brings with him a lot of viewers. Even when his storylines don’t have a lot of variety, the writers and producers still recognize his value. We don’t see this equation changing at any point in the future.

So let’s get into now the idea of how Blue Bloods can actually shake things up a little bit, and make some of the story for Frank a little bit more exciting than it currently is.

1. Send him outside of the office for a while – We know that it’s probably the most convenient for the show and for Selleck to be in the same place much of the time, but it’d be nice to see something happens that forces Frank out of his natural habitat. Think in terms of a shooting of a high-level officer or a hostage crisis at a place he typically frequents. Make him be the hero in a way that he hasn’t been in a little while.

2. Bring back a Mayor – It doesn’t really matter at this point who is playing the character, but we’d certainly like to see someone in local politics square off again with him! That just feels like a natural extension of being the head of the NYPD.

3. Give some storylines to Frank and Eddie – They’re a little bit of an unorthodox duo, but with her now officially a part of the family, it could be fun to see how they interact with one another — take, for example, Eddie comes across an issue that requires the Commissioner’s attention.

4. What’s happening for Frank romantically? – We’re going to keep asking this question just because there have certainly been inklings of possible love interests for him over time and we don’t think it’s wrong for the writers to explore this. Everyone is deserving of love on this show, and it could actually be sending an inspiring message to people to not give up and that there could be something more for people out there.

5. More adviser storylines! – We’ve really loved some of these opportunities to get to know Frank in the context of Baker, Garrett, and others. We’d be thrilled to see him explore their lives a little bit more outside of work. It presents a fuller scope of how much he cares about them — a great example of this was the episode where Baker’s husband was in danger (though we don’t really want to see anything happen to Baker or anyone else that is THIS serious — we don’t want to see them sad!).

Blue Bloods season 10 is going to premiere on CBS this September.

What do you want to see when it comes to Frank on Blue Bloods season 10? Be sure to share in the comments!

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