The Blacklist season 7 spotlight: The future for Donald Ressler

Donald ResslerEntering The Blacklist season 7, Donald Ressler’s teetering on the edge. He’s an exceptional agent, but what else is he? For the first time in a little while, we could see next season focusing on some other aspects of his life.

Consider this — in season 6, Ressler was desperate for companionship to the point where he formed a relationship with a woman from a service that is all about providing a make-believe relationship. He’s lonely, but he’s also got so many skeletons buried deep in his past that he may not want to open up to anyone our of fear that no one would accept him. He’s not a goody two-shoes FBI agent, though to be fair he never has been on the show. His origin story in “Anslo Garrick” is further evidence of that.

But what do we want to see for Ressler in season 7 of the NBC series? This is something that we want to detail a little bit further today as a part of our weekly character spotlight. (Head over here if you missed last week’s one all about Liz.)

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How does he feel about the Task Force at this point? Remember that before the series began, Ressler’s sole job was trying to track down Reddington. Now, he’s in league with him a lot of the time. How does he feel about that? Is it impacting his psyche? We’d really like to get a larger window into where he is mentally when he’s not clocked in with the FBI.

Will he still seek out information on Katarina? He was one of the first characters to realize that there were people looking for Liz’s mother and because of that, we could easily see him continue to seek out some information about her or these people. He may be one of the best resources the FBI has in tracking this down.

What’s going on with him and Liz? Is anything going on? There’s been talk about these two becoming romantic since all the way back to season 1, but it hasn’t happened. Giving Liz a love interest hasn’t really been a priority since Tom’s death, but given that it’s been a while since that happened now, we could see it happening. Beyond that, we also just think that nobody’s really going to be able to understand what these two have gone through other than each other.

Is there something more about his past we could learn? Is it possible that he is connected to a Blacklister or another key player in the mystery? We don’t need some sort of crazy twist like him being secretly related to the Stranger, but it would be fun to meet a Blacklister who is actually related to Ressler to some degree or have a interesting connection.

A fun Ressler/Aram story – Think of it as the FBI bromance. Why not get these two guys separate from the rest of the team where they have to work together in order to survive a dangerous opponent? We love the duo of Diego Klattenhoff and Amir Arison working together, so explore that a little but further for an episode. If not these two, how about the two of them and Harold Cooper?

What do you want to see for Ressler on The Blacklist season 7?

Let us know some of your specific thoughts and character hopes now in the comments! We’ll of course be back next Friday with another character spotlight — to be specific, we’re going to be talking about Aram and what we want to see for him in season 7! (Photo: NBC.)

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