Criminal Minds series finale: What’s happening behind the scenes today

Criminal MindsThe Criminal Minds series finale wrapped filming some time ago, as painful as it is to say. The end may not be here for us as viewers, but for many of the cast they’ve gone through the long process of trying to say goodbye already. It’s a hard thing in order to do, given that you are talking about a beloved TV show with a family atmosphere and people who you’ve been around for well over a decade in some cases.

Now, today another box is being checked off on the road towards getting the final season on the air — in a post on Twitter, show executive producer Harry Bring confirmed that today is going to be the final mix for the series finale. That means that this episode is a little bit closer to being delivered — there’s a lot of work that goes into it and several others before being completely “final,” but we’re getting a little bit closer to that point. Criminal Minds has established, over the years, a great pattern of filming and post-production that is sleek and efficient. They know how to get things done and beyond that, they know how to do it in a fairly short period of time without hurting the quality.

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Where things get a little more frustrating is on the viewer end. These episodes would be ready to air on CBS later this summer or even in the fall; yet, the network is making you wait until 2020. What gives there? It’s mostly just their desire to use the show to fill a hole in their schedule — we get it and we’re not going to complain about a network that kept the show on the air for 15 years and is giving the show a chance to have a final season, but it doesn’t change our impatience. We actually think airing it this summer could’ve been a great choice since the ratings don’t matter as much anymore and it could’ve performed well without a lot of major competition on other networks. The Criminal Minds fandom is devoted enough that they’d check out this show anytime and anywhere – just give us the goods!

As we recently reported, the Criminal Minds series finale is more than likely coming to CBS this March, at least based on our current estimation of their schedule. We’ll eventually have more news about it, but this is going to take a heck of a lot of patience. Here’s a crazy way to look at it — there are a lot of shows premiering this fall that haven’t even filmed a single episode. Yet, here is Criminal Minds wrapping things up and then watching as the show stays on a shelf for far too long.

What are you hoping for from the Criminal Minds series finale? (Our estimation is that there will be some teary moments, but by the end we’re going to find plenty of reasons to smile and feel sentimental.) Be sure to share in the comments below. (Photo: CBS.)

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