American Princess episode 4 preview: Amanda’s surprise guests


Through the first three episodes of American PrincessAmanda’s worked to immerse herself in her new surroundings. In any situation like this, there are going to be highs and lows — and they may be a tad more extreme when the new surroundings are a Renaissance Faire. It’s a strange, funny world full of comedic depravity, and it’s a community that only a select few would really understand. Let’s just say that for a character like Amanda, figuring out how to function in this environment has not been the easiest thing to do.

Amanda has started to figure this out — this lovely band of misfits is now her home … or at least that’s how it feels right now. When her friends come to visit the Faire, they’re going to have a completely different viewpoint of it. They won’t approve, which may cause Amanda to question herself and the choices she’s made. The synopsis that CarterMatt has for you below gives you a little more on what you can expect:

Amanda has surprise visitors who struggle with the hypersexuality on display at the Renaissance festival; Brian develops a crush; Maggie leads a Royal Pub Crawl.

There is something really funny to us about the promo below, including seeing Amanda’s friends referred to as “shiny people” while they all share some of their various reactions to her being at the Faire. They’re shocked at some of the antics and that she’s seemed to fine there. This could lead to some personal revelations, but for us personally, we’re just hoping that it leads to more laughs.

Is American Princess one of the summer season’s biggest surprises?

We’d say so, given that it’s a fun, imaginative take on Ren Faires (which we’ve certainly been to before) that embraces the culture rather than poke fun at it. It’s also turning out to be one of cable TV’s great ratings underdogs. We want to see this show back for another season, but it’s facing an uphill battle. For starters, it’s on Lifetime — a network that ended up sending off YOU to Netflix after it failed to make enough of an impression with them (and is now a major success!). Lifetime isn’t known for their scripted content in 2019 so it may be harder for viewers to find it.

Consider this the written form of a signal flare to please check out this show! If you’ve got even the smallest bit of interest in Renaissance Faires or even just a good fish out of water story, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ll enjoy the creativity and the humor here.

Come back on Sunday night for a full review for this American Princess episode. Meanwhile, let us know in the comments precisely what it is you want to see, and if you’re enjoying this show as much as we are. (Photo: Lifetime.)

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