‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 5: Charlie Hunnam looks ahead to series’ end

For anyone who follows “Sons of Anarchy” pretty closely, you probably know already that Kurt Sutter (who is pretty much a jack of all trades in the context of this show) is currently plotting to end the series at the end of its seventh season in two years. While this does seem like an appropriate end date for a show that seems to be increasing its audience year after year, having a specific date in mind does seem to be making some of the cast members look back and address both their past and their future at the same time.

So who’s the latest person doing this? It is none other than Charlie Hunnam, who has been the main man behind the show since the very beginning. Speaking in a new interview with Collider, the actor (who is currently promoting the comedy “Frankie Go Boom” that also stars Ron Perlman) admits that while he is excited to move on, Jax is a role that he is going to very much miss:

“I’m a real gypsy.  Most people that work in this business, if they’re not gypsies by nature, become gypsies, just because of the reality of this business.  There’s a part of being held down to doing Sons, as much as I absolutely adore it, which I do, where the reality of having to structure my entire life for a six-year commitment, every year, from this date to this date, that is a little difficult for me.  It is really bittersweet.  The idea of hanging up that cut and never playing Jax Teller again, breaks my heart.  I’m sure I’ll go through a period of really serious depression, saying goodbye to him, for a month after we finish.  But then, the idea of just being free to do whatever I want, for the rest of my life, is obviously a really appealing idea for the gypsy in me.”

As tough as things have been for Hunnam’s character on the show thus far, we do have a feeling that they are still going to find a way to get even harder. Although we have already seen him combat such things as the death of Opie, even this may not hold a candle to what Damon Pope has up his sleeve next.

What do you want to see happen before the show as a whole ends?

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