‘The Walking Dead’ season 3 spoilers: Norman Reedus says…

The third-season premiere of “The Walking Dead” is now only a day away, and now we have some rather exciting comments worth sharing courtesy of one Norman Reedus about someone who we have not heard too much yet about when it comes to the story moving forward: Daryl.

So what does Reedus have to say about what we could see from the character this season? Speaking to Entertainment Weekly in a new interview, he first and foremost said that he is going to become more than ever the “Tonto” to the “Lone Ranger” that is our sheriff in Rick. Why does he do this? It is really all about him being in a role that he really relishes rather than one that makes him a little bit uncomfortable:

“The thing about Daryl is he never wants to lead this group,” says Reedus. “He just is getting validation form the rest of them as somebody that they need, and I think that is the first time in his life that that’s happened.”

Daryl is going to have quite a season, as we already know that one of the people from his past is going to be back in a big way this season: Merle. Not only that, but he is going to have a rather difficult story to deal with that is pretty much the same one as everyone else. All of the survivors are going to be heading off now to prison … but not because they have been arrested. Instead, it will be the latest place of refuge from a zombie invasion that really knows no bounds or limitations.

What are you the most excited about when it comes to this season, and with Daryl’s story?

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