Queen Sugar season 4 episode 2 preview: Fires, fears, and chaos

Queen SugarAs we look both to Queen Sugar season 4 episode 2 and beyond, one thing feels clear: Things are going off the rails and we are here for it.

Following last night’s premiere episode, the preview that CarterMatt has for you below suggests that the family drama is being blown up to new levels. Isn’t that kinda what happens when someone like Nova decides to air out so much dirty laundry in book form? That seems to be the impetus for a lot of stuff coming up, as you have to think that this will cause a seismic rift with Charley and everyone else close to her. This could bring the relationship to a place beyond repair.

Of course, if Nova wanted headlines, congratulations to her! She’s clearly getting that, but we hope that the cost of it was really worthwhile. It’d be one thing if she was just exposing secrets from her own past. It’s totally different that she’s deciding to throw some grenades into the lives of others. This gives people motives to fire back at her.

While we can’t identify specific motivations for a lot of the stuff in the promo below, it’s very clear that there are problems ahead for Charley, Violet, and every other character within the world of this show. For example, you see the arrival of the fire department in one scene. In another, the diner is completely trashed. In another, you’ve got a situation where it looks like someone’s shooting up a wedding. There are secrets and enemies and more unknown problems coming — more so than just for episode 2, the preview shows you some of what’s coming for the rest of the season. It’s your incentive to keep watching! That’s important to watch the early going just to make sure the network grabs those viewers and boosts those ratings!

Just remember that in the midst of all of the personal storylines and the week-to-week plots, this show is still called Queen Sugar. Why that matters is rather simple — it’s a reminder that at it’s core, this is a story about an empire. We think we’ve seen enough empire-based shows (including one ironically named Empire) to know that if you’ve got some power, someone’s gonna take a swing at it. The success of these characters is dependent on how much they can recover from the problems that are thrown their way. It’s about recovery and then perseverance. We’re still in the early going, but we know the building blocks of season 4 coming out of the premiere.

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