Absentia season 2 episode 6 review: Emily Byrne, Cal Isaac’s undercover quest

AbsentiaWhile we’ve seen Emily Byrne in some pretty bad situations before, Absentia season 2 episode 6 presented quite the unique dilemma for her. There’s no other way to describe the end of the episode, where she and Cal Isaac both find themselves captured and their lives are pretty obviously in jeopardy. No amount of preparation could prepare them for the last-minute blindside outside of the truck.

The go along with this, it’s hard to imagine the danger for them calming down in the near future. They’re in a foreign country, away from a number of the people that can help them, and Nick made it clear that he hasn’t even heard from her in a while — that makes tracking them down even harder. This mission was dangerous from the moment they got over there, as their search for Wolfe didn’t exactly pan out in the way that they planned. Their hope? An easy victory. Despite the less-than-favorable outcome at the end, it was still cool seeing these two going on a mission that really showed their strength and ability to slip into someone else’s skin. Of course, it’s Emily’s own trauma that causes us some concern, given that what she went through here (including nearly drowning, were it not for Cal’s help) will send triggers all through her various synapses.

While the episode did leave the two of them in a precarious position, back at home things weren’t that much better. The only difference is that the struggles were more mental and psychological, as opposed to lives being directly on the line. For Nick, he’s still dealing with the difficult aftermath of his on-the-job shooting, but then also just the fact that he works such long, crazy hours that he doesn’t seem to have much of a normal life (something that we can really relate to running this website). When you go through what he did, that’s obviously something you crave.

As for Nick strictly at work, he finds himself in the most unfortunate position of having to go online and talk about something he doesn’t necessarily believe in. Yet, isn’t this just a part of what you have to do? Being an FBI agent isn’t just about being able to be the hero and the lifesaver all the time. Sometimes, it’s about having to go out there and say things that you don’t necessarily buy into for the sake of the “greater good.”

Meanwhile for Alice, she clearly just seems to be going it alone. She’s trying to be there for Flynn, but it’s difficult since he’s acting out in search of his own normalcy. A big part of the struggle for Alice is that she’s learning that she may not be able to welcome a baby of her own — a devastating reveal to her medically. Because of what Nick is going through, she doesn’t quite think that he’s there to hear her out. She doesn’t really have anyone, and that could be what eventually drives her to Jack. As you saw in that moment at the end of this episode, we do think that there’s something going on there. It’s just not entirely clear what it will manifest into, but there’s a longing here that could ultimately turn into something larger.

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CarterMatt Verdict

Is Absentia season 2 still delivering at this point? We feel that it is, even though it’s in a difficult position since so many of its characters are spread out and you’re not seeing them together all that much. We’re just coming out of the exceptional family dinner sequence in episode 5, but with Emily and Cal overseas, it’s hard to really know when the core group’s coming back together. This episode succeeded in giving us a different side of Emily, but then also a great, intense cliffhanger to leave you guessing …  at least until you watch the next episode almost immediately afterward if you’re viewing this on Amazon.

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