Animal Kingdom season 4 episode 4 promo: Frankie & trust issues

Animal Kingdom season 3As we approach Animal Kingdom season 4 episode 4, it feels as though the Cody family is on edge — and understandably so. This is what happens when you’re dealing with outsiders, and there is no more sketch outsider than Frankie.

Why’s she so suspicious? Let us count the ways. For starters, she arrived with Billy! We’ve said this before and we will absolutely say it again — it’s just really hard for us to have any real trust in someone who spends a good bit of time hanging out with that guy. She may have been using him, but if she was using him, you do have to imagine that the odds are fairly high that she is going to use some other people. It feels almost inevitable that she’s going to do something like that, in fact, and it feels rather silly to think otherwise.

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This is probably why people like J and Deran are on alert, but there’s more to it than just the past. It’s also what she has them doing in the present with the art heist. She’s having them do something that is a few degrees out of their comfort zone. They’ve completed step one — making sure that there is an opportunity for some of this stuff to be moved and accessible — but there are many more steps still to come. There could be death as a result of what happens, or it’s possible that Frankie sets them up.

By no means do we think that we’re going to see Frankie get one of the guys arrested — that’s not the obvious danger. The danger is more that she’s going to leave them high and dry, taking the money and then going away. She’ll raise their criminal profile and they won’t have much of anything to show for it. With every job comes more danger, and that’s what makes you have to pick and choose those so carefully. Some of the guys don’t want to partner with outsiders and Frankie still represents that.

Maybe we’ll see the end of the result of this job on Tuesday night — if not then, hopefully, the writers are going to give us something more with this story on the other side. There are other orders of business that the Codys are going to have to eventually take on, and that includes the present state of Smurf’s health. Her cancer will be a defining story for the rest of the season.

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