Blue Bloods season 10: When could the first promo arrive?

Blue Bloods season 10

Blue Bloods season 10 filming will be here in about a month’s time now, and after that, we know that there are plenty of other things worth looking forward to. Of course, that includes the first promo for what’s next! We’re expecting at least a solid tease for what’s next in that promo, whether it be a sight of a Jamie/Eddie honeymoon (if they even show that) or some other case that challenges Danny & Baez to their core.

Rather than focus just on the potential content of that promo here, though, we want to focus on something a little bit different — when it could actually air. How long are we going to be waiting to see some sweet season 10 footage? Here’s your answer, though it’s not the most appealing one in the world — think a few months. More than likely, the first promo will surface at some point in the first week or two of September, which is a couple of weeks before the premiere.

Why wait this long? Well, when you think about it, this is actually CBS giving you more time to prepare for a Blue Bloods episode than they usually do, given that generally, we’re lucky to see a preview for a new episode a week in advance. This is just a network that doesn’t get a heck of a lot of promotional value out of pushing some of its stories a month or two early when viewers will inevitably forget about it.

Typically, Blue Bloods promos fixate mostly on Frank, so we would expect in advance that this would probably be the case here, as well. Our hope is that in doing so, the writers do at least offer up something new for the character that looks and feels different from what we’ve seen before. We’ve beaten this drum before and we’re probably going to continue to beat this drum for as long as we possibly can — we just love the idea of the show putting together a new adversary for Tom Selleck’s character, someone who is genuinely dangerous and worthy of being feared. Maybe they’re someone who actually forces him out of his comfort zone — and even out of the Commission’s office, which has been such a stable home base for him for quite some time. It would just be nice to see the character challenged in a way that looks and feels different.

Of course, maybe we’ll get a little bit of Danny, Jamie, or Erin in there … we’re just not counting on it.

When do you want to see the first promo for Blue Bloods season 10 surface? Be sure to share right now in the comments, and remember to come back for some other news.

(Photo: CBS.)

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