Agents of SHIELD season 6: The situation with Sarge and May

Agents of SHIELDAs we brace ourselves for Agents of SHIELD season 6 on Friday, there’s a lot of stuff to think about! That is especially the case in terms of Sarge and May as their relationship is teetering off into all sorts of ambiguous directions.

Just in this past episode, the perception of Sarge was turned on its head in a way because of his true intentions — he’s not there to destroy earth. Instead, he’s trying to stop an invasion from going down! He’s not pure evil as we once thought, but he’s also not Coulson. Any expectation that he is will be setting yourself up for disappointment of the worst kind. For May, that gets a little bit complicated since she had so many feelings for the real Coulson. Any time she sees Sarge, there’s a part of her that may see him — it’s been some time since his death, but some of those emotions may still be bubbling underneath the surface somewhere. It’d be utterly silly to ignore that as a factor.

The situation entering Friday’s episode is this: Sarge has May, and he likely took her for a specific purpose. We just gotta learn what it is! There’s already a humorous interaction on the subject that CarterMatt has for you below via Clark Gregg and Ming-Na Wen, one that yields even more questions … but we don’t think that the series is leaning into any sort of romantic direction here. Sarge is a stranger! He may have Coulson’s DNA but that’s about it.

Or … is it? We’re still at the point in the season where we are in are various stages of “who is Sarge” theories and the most obvious one relates to a multiverse. While this has been around the DC Universe for some time on TV, it’s a little bit newer to the MCU in terms of it being present on-screen. This could very well be an alternate universe version of Coulson, which would explain the physical similarities — it would also potentially bring us closer to alternate-universe versions of other characters. That’s not necessary, but it certainly would be fun to see something like that to play out!

For now, let’s just move one step at a time. We’ll see what Sarge wants with May and from there we’ll see all of the events play out. Hopefully, nothing too crazy goes down and these two could actually prove valuable to each other.

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Then remember to check out the link here! We’ll be back with more on Friday, so make sure you don’t miss out! With the situation between May and Sarge being what it is, it’s fair to expect some boiling over in regards to the tension.

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