The Bachelorette episode 6 preview: Luke Parker’s church scene

Luke ParkerWhen The Bachelorette episode airs on ABC next week (and its back in its regular timeslot) you’ll see a scene that feels almost cinematic. It’s almost as though Luke Parker is sitting at the altar of a church in the promo that we have for you below, waiting his final judgment from a higher power – only this time, that higher power is Hannah Brown. Also, he has no one to blame other than himself.

Luke’s situation entering Monday’s episode is one fully of his own doing, and it comes about as a result of bad behavior. He’s been a Bachelorette bull in a china shop, crashing into people and throwing anyone/everyone completely under the bus. That includes people who could’ve been his friends.

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What is Luke’s biggest flaw? It may not actually be his inability to get along with some of the other men, since we’ve seen unpopular winners before. Instead, it has a little more to do with his behavior towards Hannah. There is really only so much one can rely on chemistry. It may get you a few weeks into the competition, but it’s not going to be the thing that gets you across the finish line. He’s not opening up or telling her anything other than Insert Bachelor Cliche #1 and Here For the Right Reasons #2. There’s nothing else there and it’s frustrating … which is a good reminder for future contestants on this franchise. Just because you may hear nothing but frequent cliches on the show itself doesn’t mean that these are the only things that are discussed. It may be a shock for some to know this, but there are some other elements to it! Think along the lines of personal lives, faiths, values, and what you want out of the future. These people have to be comfortable for at least the Bachelor/Bachelorette idea of an engagement, which is a commitment to a future together — or at least an attempt at one.

Should Luke learn to get along with the other guys more? Sure, but we don’t think him being at the church is going to heal those wounds. He may already be past the point of no return since he’s already committed a big-time franchise no-no: Going and making it seem like you’re untrustworthy to some of the other guys. If they don’t think that they can trust you with their conversations, why waste their time? It’s one thing if they thought that he was going to expose dark secrets, but he’s instead throwing people under the bus and making something out of nothing. Luke S. is now gone from the show and off somewhere having to ponder over an imaginary tequila company that he wasn’t even there to promote.

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