Big Brother 21: Is the house itself ready for action?

Big Brother 21Big Brother 21 is officially set to premiere two weeks from tonight and we’re starting to get the sense that everything is coming together. We know that the cast will be revealed early next week, and apparently, Julie Chen has already seen the house!

In a new post on Twitter, the show’s host confirmed that she’s been in there and she’s seen what the theme is this year! While this may seem silly and “why does that matter?” to a whole lot of people out there, diehard Big Brother fans know why that matters. We’re going to be watching the feeds for weeks on end this summer, and we want it to be appealing to look at! If you make the house a complete hot mess it’s not going to be pleasant … and probably be a distraction from some of the other fun stuff.

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So will we be seeing some kooky quirks to the house this season? Over the years we’ve seen secret rooms, crazy Have-Not rooms, and different themes to the backyard. We love the show’s commitment to keeping some elements the same — as in, making sure the houseguests do get some outside time — while also making sure that there are different changes and iterations. Not every idea works — remember the time there was a ton of sand in the house and someone thought that this would be a great idea? Maybe they never intended that to be something that would be used beyond the house tour … but it was icky to think about.

We imagine that come next week after/around the cast reveal, we’re going to see some sort of proper house tour with Julie, as well! She’ll show us what matters and what we’ll be gawking at this season and, for the houseguests, we imagine all of this will look really cool for the first few weeks. By the time that they get to the end of the summer, though, we’re sure that these people would love to see anything but this. There’s only so much you can do to excite people who are stuck in a house for a long time.

It’s gonna be an exciting next couple weeks — can you believe that the summer’s almost finally here? It doesn’t really start to us until Big Brother’s upon us! (Granted, it hasn’t actually begun technically, either.)

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