Big Brother 21 cast reveal date, time revealed (video)

Big Brother 21Today’s Big Brother 21 announcement has officially arrived, and while it’s not the sort of news that’s going to break the BB internet, it’s certainly welcome. We now know when we’re going to meet the new houseguests.

In a post on Twitter, the show officially revealed that Jeff Schroeder is going to be back next week (wait, was part of the announcement that Jeff is going to be back? Really?) to interview the new houseguests from the Diary Room on the live feeds. Consider this your call to pick up CBS All Access at some point over the next week. Jeff’s interviews will begin starting at 11:00 a.m. Eastern time (8:00 a.m. Pacific) — we’d predicted a while back that June 17 would be the cast reveal date (and it is), mostly because CBS wants to milk that media work week down to the last drop.

Big Brother FYI: It’s possible that a press release featuring the cast comes out before Big Jeff’s interviews — that’s the latest you can expect to meet these peeps.

While Big Jeff may have his fair share of fans and detractors, he has become an integral part of the BB experience — at least for more casual fans. He’s done a lot of this pre-game stuff over time, and while he wasn’t as involved last year, he certainly was a key player for many seasons before that. He’s going to be your entry point to the new houseguests this year as you get to know them and/or determine whether or not you’re going to jump into live feeds the moment they pop on.

Just in case you’re looking for something beyond Big Jeff’s questions (“what would you rather do — win and be hated or lose and be loved?”), we’ll be around next week both here at CarterMatt and back on our YouTube Channel with some reactions, predictions, and hot takes. Speaking of YouTube, check out one of our latest rumor-patrol videos below! Be sure to Subscribe to make sure you don’t miss any of our upcoming reviews, discussion and daily live feed updates and view our Big Brother 21 playlist. That’s your source all season long!

Will we meet potential returnees next week?

Unlikely. If we’re getting any, CBS will probably save them for premiere night. We don’t need to re-meet someone we’ve already met, especially if we’ve spent the past year watching them on social media (or seeing rampant sponsored content on Instagram…). We’ve made it clear that we’d prefer to see returnees — if we have to see them at all — who weren’t just on the show last season. Alas, Big Brother probably believes that recency is their pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and they’re going to chase that rainbow. Don’t be shocked if one or two of these potential people are folks we just met.

Obviously, we’d much rather have all newbies — it can be a little feast-or-famine depending on how good the cast is, but we’d rather a gamble than a regurgitation of another season. Also, we don’t need to see some returning player dominate a number of newbies with a serious case of hero worship. Been there, done that, and seen that Friendship. (Yes, that was a Paul reference.)

For more season 21 hopes…

Be sure to check out the link here and tell us — are you stoked that the Big Brother 21 cast reveal is happening in just a week’s time? Share below. (Photo: CBS.)

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