Big Brother 21 rumors: Should we really want All-Star season?

Big brother 20Big Brother 21 isn’t starting up until June 25, but that isn’t actually stopping the rumor mill from starting to churn already. This time around, it’s coming from all sources — we already have Twitter accounts coming out of nowhere saying that they have info on various twists, and we’ve also got All-Star discussion (as per usual).

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Interestingly, one of the big sources for the All-Star season rumor is stemming mostly from show host Julie Chen herself, who ended up generating a lot of speculation just because of a promotional post. People saw the image below, and thought that the patch that Julie had on said “All-Stars” — which, of course, led to speculation that we could be getting one.

Yet, it doesn’t appear as though that is the case and this hype is all ultimately for nothing … but we do really wonder whether or not there is that much merit to the idea of doing an all-star season at this point in the first place.

The obvious appeal of doing something like this is fundamentally simple — it’s an opportunity to bring back familiar faces and have a show that, effectively, promotes itself. It’s something that you don’t have to worry about all that much if you cast the right people. These are houseguests that people may be nostalgic over, or people who bring forward a lot of solid gameplay. There’s less to be worried about in terms of significant casting duds, given that you know already that a lot of these players are good. You don’t have to worry about some of the things you do with a newbie-player season.

Yet, it’s also still clear that you miss something. It’s that feeling of discovery that comes from seeing everyone in the game for the first time and getting to watch all of their various highs and lows. All-Stars already know about the game and already have egos about themselves, even if they don’t have them consciously. It’s so much harder to build something legitimately exciting around them story-wise, given that so much of their original story has been told.

Do we think that it’s easier and more fun to discuss All-Stars leading up to a season? Sure, but once the season gets going, it’s a little harder to get the motor running. You already know who these people are and, with that, there are fewer surprises. There’s also a chance that you don’t end up liking a player as much — remember, so much of your enjoyment for them may have depended on them being an underdog the first time. Paul’s a good example of someone helped at first by circumstance, and eventually ended up being hated when he had more power the second time around and controlled the game from start to finish.

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