The Flash season 6: How many more seasons could there still be?

The FlashThe Flash season 6 is coming up on The CW this fall, but there’s a pretty good chance you knew that already. What is a little more hazy, however, is the long-term future of the Grant Gustin series. What we know is simply this: We’d love for there to be another three or four seasons of the show. That may just not be a reality that comes to fruition.

As we’re seeing with Arrow ending following the upcoming season 8, these superhero shows are ones with a specific shelf life — there is only so long that you can steer the ship, and only so long you can continue to keep the same cast around. These are long, exhausting hours, and for a lot of these people, they’re having to work in Vancouver, far away from most of their family. That’s tough.

Here’s where things stand right now — we know we’re getting a season 6 and, presumably, a season 7 feels likely. There’s no real reason to end both Arrow and The Flash in the same year and we don’t think anyone at The CW wants that. The more likely situation is that if The Flash is ending soon, it’s going to be season 7 or season 8. If it’s the former, a season 7 farewell would give Batwoman two more years to find its footing, and also another opportunity for the network and Warner Bros. TV to develop another property within the greater Arrowverse. Could we suggest Green Lantern? That’s one good suggestion.

Going beyond a season 8 is, theoretically, feasible — it’s just be up to the cast, since at that point, they’ll all have to sign new deals to keep coming back. While Grant Gustin is the focal point of this show, it’s hard to still imagine it without a number of the original cast members. The Flash has become more of an ensemble show, and it may be better to end the show before it become something where you don’t recognize any of its key players.

For now…

Don’t worry too much. Enjoy the show for what we’ve got since we know that there’s some excellent stuff coming. Think in terms of the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event and potentially some other really cool stuff for just this show itself. Given that The Flash is at the moment the top-rated show on The CW, they’re going to be inclined to keep it going — you just gotta hope everyone involved feels the same way until it feels like the great stories left to tell are getting fewer and fewer.

The sixth season of The Flash will likely speed its way to your television set when you get around early October. Official details will come your way later this summer.

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What do you think — how many more seasons of The Flash are we going to have? Be sure to share in the comments. (Photo: The CW.)

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