The Flash season 6 spoilers: First Big Bad casting tease

The FlashThe Flash season 6 may not be filming for The CW until a little bit later this summer, but there’s some interesting casting intel out there right now … and you’re certainly going to want to be aware of it.

According to a new report from TVLine, the show’s producers are currently casting someone who is set to be the new Big Bad for the upcoming batch of episodes. There’s no confirmation on who this person will be just yet, but apparently, producers are looking at diverse actors for this part.

Ultimately, there are a lot of different directions that the show could go with this, whether they want to go back to having consistent speedsters as main villains or go in a completely different, somewhat unexpected direction. The main things that we know for sure are what the producers have already put in front of us.

Take, for example, the idea of Red Death coming in and being a significant part of the show. That was an Easter egg in season 5 and we have to think that it’s going to matter eventually, but for now, there’s no guarantee of anything. Plus, with the changes in the timeline brought on by Nora and the Reverse Flash at the end of season 5, we suppose that it’s possible in theory that history changed and Red Death may not happen at all. We just like to think that that little Easter egg is good for at least something.

(Remember that if the show does do Red Death, there’s no guarantee that they necessarily make their version of it an alternate universe version of Bruce Wayne. Still, isn’t that one of the reasons to be excited about it? We currently hold true to our belief that doing an alternate universe version of Oliver Queen, and having Stephen Amell play the part, would be all sorts of amazing.)

Another possibility for a while was that producers of The Flash could go with a version of Godspeed as a Big Bad, especially since he had his own episode named after him. Once again, the changes in the timeline may necessitate a new version of this character rather than the one that we saw with Nora in the future. It’s at least something that we’re not ruling out.

More than anything, we just want to see a Big Bad who challenges The Flash and the entire team in a different, personal sort of way than what we have seen so far. While Cicada certainly had his moments throughout this past season and the same can be said for Cicada II at the very end, The Flash never really had that many iconic moments with either one of them. Really, we would say that Zoom was the last Big Bad that really made us drop our jaw to the floor, and of course it’s going to be hard to find anyone on the level of Eobard Thawne from season 1. That may just be, pound-for-pound, the best Big Bad story that we’ve had across the entire Arrowverse, or at least it’s right up there from Slade Wilson from Arrow season 2 and Prometheus from Arrow season 5.

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What sort of Big Bad would you want to see on The Flash season 6? Be sure to let us know in the comments. (Photo: The CW.)

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