‘The Amazing Race 21’ preview: Team Chippendales taste Indonesia

For the second straight week, Sunday night’s new episode of “The Amazing Race” is going to feature some of the teams facing some new challenges in Indonesia. Thankfully, it’s also going to feature some brilliant brilliant (not to mention awkward) comedy to go along with it.

One of the major highlights of the hour can be seen in the video below, as for one of the tasks (which could be a part of the episode’s detour) teams have to don some ridiculously heavy traditional costumes and then roam the streets in some sort of profession as a part of one of the local custom. For all of the teams, it appears to be a struggle for different reasons. When it comes to Abbie & Ryan (who have to be one of the race’s current frontrunners), they are merely struggling with how heavy the lion’s heads are that they are forced to wear. Meanwhile, Chippendales dancers Jaymes & James prove yet again why they are one of our favorites courtesy of a pretty hilarious rant all about having to literally “taste” the culture of Indonesia … even if it is coming at them in the form of hundreds of people’s mouths who have touched this costume before they did.

Ultimately, we don’t know if this could be the sort of challenge that trips any team up forever. However, what we do imagine is that it could at least cause the sort of traditional “Race” bickering that we saw on the show last week. Our only hope is that regardless of what happens, the show manages to not eliminate someone based on a bad taxi this week. There is no worse way to be eliminated than for something you have no control over.

Who is you current favorite on the race?

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