NCIS season 17 spotlight: What’s next for Timothy McGee?

Once Upon a Tim

If you have been reading with us for a while now then you know of our love for Timothy McGee. If you are a diehard NCIS fan, it’s difficult not to love him! We’re talking about one of the few remaining characters who first debuted in season 1 and one of the show’s most-relatable characters. He is an agent, a father, a husband, and not your average sort of special agent. He’s a nerdy guy who trained himself for the job and made many of his dreams come true. As nerds ourselves it’s been great to see a character that speaks to us and watch him grow over the years.

Yet, herein lies the interesting part of season 17 — McGee has a lot of what he wants. He’s got the woman of his dreams, two adorable babies, and the respect and friendship of his colleagues. What more is there to explore? That is something we want to dive into here.

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The natural rigors of the job – Tim’s done a great job as an NCIS agent over the years, but that doesn’t mean that he’s paid for it the way that he should. He’s a guy with a government job and a family in Washington DC — an incredibly expensive place to be. While it may not be the flashiest story, we do think there could be a storyline where McGee and Delilah explore moving a little bit further away from the city and some of the professional strains that it could put on them. It’s a human story that many of us have either gone through or have seen others go through and with Tim they can tell this story in a way you can’t with other people on the show. Will he be able to remain an agent forever and still raise a family in this current DC economy?

Give us more of Tim’s past – Given how fantastic the episode “Once Upon a Tim” proved to be, we’d love to explore more of the other side of that — i.e. the period after that episode. There’s a lot to explore within there about how he became the person he is and why this job matters as much to him as it does. If you don’t want to go back that far, we’re sure that Tim worked on cases that weren’t featured in past episodes. Maybe one that was seemingly routine years ago turns out to be integral to a present-day investigation.

Does he have any friends outside of work we haven’t met? – It feels like there’s a chance to explore some of them and see a more social side of him. We know that Tim’s got a busy schedule, but he and Delilah do have an active social life, right? If nothing else, maybe you can explore other government agencies with Tim working with one of Delilah’s friends, someone who has an interesting post within the government. Also just more of Tim and Delilah in general would make us happy. They have such a wonderful chemistry that we live for.

What would a Tim-centric Big Bad look like? – Maybe it’s a new master hacker, or maybe he runs into an enemy of his family. We want to see Sean Murray pushed to the limit as an actor, and we don’t really have many opportunities to see McGee enraged. Give us a story where we see that rage bubble over (if there is any) and what he would do to protect the people he loves. Give us those moments that send a chill down our spine.

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