Songland episode 3 video: Daniel Feels sings ‘Crush’ for Kelsea Ballerini

SonglandTonight, Songland episode 3 is coming and the NBC show is continuing its trend of diverse artists every single week. For the premiere, you had John Legend. After that, you had of the Black Eyed Peas. Now, you’ve got Kelsea Ballerini bringing the show a little bit more of a country-pop edge.

Not only is this show teaching you a thing or two about songwriting, but it’s also demonstrating that there are different sorts of songwriting out there. Composing a song for Kelsea is obviously going to be very different from composing something for John. Both need a good hook, but content-wise the two sing about different subjects and have separate point of views. They also cater to very different audiences.

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For songwriter Daniel Feels (which is an incredible name for a music artist), he’s doing his best to win Kelsea over with a song called “Crush.” You can check that out in the video below and it’s immediately clear why someone would like the song. Content-wise, there’s just something so happy and pleasant about it. It’s one of those songs that you put on while you’re driving down to the beach or getting ready for what you think is gonna be a day filled with smiles. The musical hook is there and while lyrically we’ve heard all of this messaging a thousand times, can’t you say that about 90% of music out there?

Here’s why we love Songland so much — what Daniel brings us here is still far from the finished product. If you haven’t seen Songland yet, three out of the four songs that are pitched to the artist end up going through a fine-tuning process with one of the three producers. Then, you show off the song one last time in hopes that the artist wants to record it. Sometimes, the results can be almost immediate — the winning song from last week in “Be Nice” (read more about that here) has posted more than 5 million views on YouTube as of this writing. That’s the sort of thing that could change a career, especially if it turns out to be one of those really great summer radio jams.

So yeah, Songland may not produce music superstars who you hear about every day in the press — but that’s not really the point. It’s about showcasing the real unsung heroes and finding a way for these songwriters to get a little bit more coin in their pocketbook. We’re all-in on the creativity and the excitement of this show after just two episodes, so let’s just hope that the remainder of them manage to live up to some of the hype.

What excites you the most leading into Songland episode 3? Be sure to let us know in the comments! Also, come back tonight — we’re going to have a full review for all of the performances. (Photo: NBC.)

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