Queen of the South season 4 episode 2 video: How is Brenda back?

Queen of the South season 4 art

Queen of the South season 4 features Teresa in a new place (New Orleans), and maybe while getting settled in she’s tempted to look back. There’s going to be a sense of nostalgia at times this season, as evidenced by the latest sneak peek that we have for you below!

In this preview (first posted by Entertainment Weekly), you can bear witness to the return of none other than Justina Machado (One Day at a Time) as Brenda, Teresa’s former best friend who died at the end of season 1. Her death changed Teresa and caused the character to be more adrift. Her return now could come via flashbacks or dream sequences, a way to make Teresa reflect on the way-back-when. While she may be on the way to the top with her drug empire and revolutionary “filtering” process, she’s lost a part of herself. Think of it as an opportunity to have more of a natural, human rapport.

This particular preview is a flashback, one to Brenda’s baby shower where she rattles off a list of demands while Teresa smiles and laughs like she doesn’t have a care in the world. It’s a jarring transition from where she was in last week’s premiere, realizing that getting her business off the ground in the Big Easy wasn’t (fittingly) going to be easy at all. Think corrupt cops, dangerous dealers, and threats buried deep within their metaphorical voodoo swamp. This sneak peek is a much-needed dose of lightness, though we wouldn’t predict that every appearance we get from Machado this season will be in the same vein.

In speaking more about Machado’s return, here is what executive producer Dailyn Rodriguez tells the aforementioned site:

“We were so excited Justina was game to come back to Queen of the South … She’s such a talented actress and such a joy on the set. The character of Brenda brings so much levity to the show and her relationship with Teresa is a special one. We can’t wait for the audience to watch her scenes this season.”

Let’s talk semantics for a moment — Rodriguez says “scenes” instead of “scene.” That’s your confirmation that you’ll be seeing the character turn up on multiple occasions. Maybe every time is different; not all can be full of happy baby-shower smiles.

If you missed it…

Machado’s other series in One Day at a Time technically still has a pulse! Over the weekend, it was revealed at the ATX Television Festival that there are still discussions in hopes of reviving the comedy, which was given the ax far too soon over at Netflix. Maybe Machado’s appearance on Queen of the South will at least keep people thinking about keeping her other gig.

What do you think about Machado returning to Queen of the South, and do you have any theories as to why we’re seeing her now? (Personally, we’re hoping that she becomes a Harry Morgan-like figure in Teresa’s head.) Share now in the attached comments. (Photo: USA.)

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