Is The Code new tonight on CBS? An updated return date

The code

At this point a week ago, it was fair to expect that CBS would be putting a new episode of The Code on the air tonight. Unfortunately, someone’s let the air out of the tires — the show is gone, at least for the time being.

If you missed it, late last week the network opted to pull the remaining June episodes. We’re not here to tell CBS what they should or should not do, but this is a move that makes no sense. It’s not about them just wanting to move it away from the NBA Finals — tonight’s the only night it would’ve been in competition with it, and this is one of the lowest-rated NBA Finals on record anyway. (Clearly, not enough Americans recognize the greatness of the Toronto Raptors.) This is the summer, ratings for new episodes don’t matter nearly as much, and yet CBS has replaced The Code with reruns of Magnum PI.

In some ways we get it — Magnum PI is coming back in the fall and airing reruns is a great way to snag some new viewers that haven’t had a chance to see just how great this show is. We love Magnum PI — but couldn’t you finish out The Code first? The last-minute schedule-pull’s going to confuse what viewers it has, especially since it’s not on next week or the week after.

Now, things get even weirder — we’ve learned that The Code will in fact return, but not until July 1. If you were going to pull the show, why then bring it back after a few weeks? We’re glad it will get to keep airing, but this is a greater mystery than any case that’s been referenced on The Code to date. There’s no real logic to it and it goes without saying that The Code probably gets canceled on the other side of this. It’s hard enough as it is to succeed when you’re a first-year show airing in the summer, especially when most viewers probably aren’t even aware of you. When the show gets inevitably canned we can already predict the commenters — “what’s that show? Never even heard of it.”

So, we’re prepared to say goodbye to The Code before it really even had a chance to get to know itself. If you are into the show know that there will be a chance to see the rest of the story through — provided that CBS doesn’t change their mind again. Even if they do, we don’t envision them never airing the remaining episodes — worst-case scenario is they stick some on Saturday nights and you just have to set your DVR for them.

While you wait for The Code to return…

Before CBS delayed the episode, they actually released some sneak peeks! Check out one below, as you’re going to see Abe question a Marine who finds himself at the center of a misconduct investigation. He claims that he’s the victim of being wrongfully targeted, but when there’s no evidence on his side, what’s the recourse?

We recognize that you may forget about everything in this preview by the time The Code returns, but it’s Ato Essandoh and he’s such an incredible actor.

Sad that The Code is off the air tonight? Angry at CBS? Share your reactions below. (Photo: CBS.)

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