Designated Survivor season 4: Early storyline predictions!

Designated SurvivorBefore we dive into this Designated Survivor season 4 story at all, we should start by saying this: There’s no guarantee that there will be any more. At the moment, Netflix hasn’t announced anything and it feels like viewers are still in the midst of their binge.

Still, that’s not stopping us from rendering some early predictions for a number of different characters. Let’s note here that there are spoilers within from season 3, so move forward with caution if you haven’t finished it just yet.

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For Tom Kirkman – Can he clam up about President Moss for good? He knows that the former POTUS didn’t know about the bioweapon plans, but he’s one of the few people who does. He also knows that he let the American people believe otherwise, tainting himself for the sake of holding onto power. He’s become the one thing he hates the most and now, he has to live with that — and face the consequences and the vitriol that could come along with telling the truth, if he does.

Maybe the question Tom must wonder is this — what’s better, for some of the country to hate him or for him to hate himself?

For Emily Rhodes – Does she even want to work for Tom Kirkman anymore? She believed in him to do the right thing and he’s shattered much of the respect she previously had for him. She’s heartbroken in a way and we’re not 100% confident she’ll want to stay. We don’t think that she’d ever tell anyone the truth about what he did, but she’s got a career path to strongly consider now.

For Seth Wright – Does he want to be with the mother of his biological daughter? Also, what about his job as press secretary? There wasn’t a big Seth-centric cliffhanger, but that’s worrisome mostly because Kal Penn only signed a one-year deal to return and he has a new show. If he does come back, it could be in a limited role.

For Aaron Shore – How does he handle being Vice President? Given that the track record of veeps on Designated Survivor is far from great, we wouldn’t blame you to worry. His relationship with Isabel is already crashing into the rocks –there’s nothing left to big up there.

For Dontae Evans – Does he keep his relationship going and, beyond that, does he have a better position in the administration? For people who worked so much in the campaign, you are left to often wonder what their future is. There has to be a place for him and we expect nothing else. The same goes for Jamie Clayton’s Sasha, who made several appearances throughout the season.

For Isabel Pardo – What does her pregnancy, and her new job, ultimately mean for her? She has decisions to make and these should be handled in the early going of season 4. We’re sure that she will weigh her options, but whether she consults with colleagues is to be seen.

When could we hear about a season 4?

There’s no reason for Netflix to rush things along, but we think within the next couple of months, we should have a good sense. While you commence your waiting, we humbly suggest that you go back and read our reviews for all of season 3 to date!

What do you want to see on Designated Survivor season 4 for some of the different characters? Be sure to share in the comments. (Photo: Netflix.)

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