Lucifer season 5: What is the next step for Lucifer, Chloe?

LuciferThere’s a reasonably good shot that you’ve heard that Lucifer season 5 is officially coming to Netflix. Sure, there is that bittersweet aftertaste that comes when you realize it’s the final season, but we’re of the mindset right now where we’re looking more towards the positive. After all, there is much to rejoice about! We’ve got more episodes than we certainly imagined we would at this point last year, and there is a chance to see (or so we hope) something great for Lucifer and Chloe. They know they love each other. Now, they just have to make it back to each other!

So how will they do that, given that Lucifer is currently residing in Hell? That won’t be easy but whenever there’s a will, there’s a way. That seems to be the way that executive producer Joe Henderson is thinking about it. Speaking via the fine folks over at DC, here is what he had to say:

We know how Lucifer and Chloe will see each other again. We know what our big drive for season five will be. Those are the important things to figure out beforehand. If you’re going to drive the car off the cliff, make sure you know how it’s going to land even if you don’t know what the consequences of that are. It’s going to be so exciting. We’re dying to jump into season five. It’s good.

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To us, this feels like the fantastic central conceit — you have these two characters who love each other dearly and they know it … which makes it, conveniently, an inopportune time for them to be apart. The first part of season 5 may be about them moving towards a reunion. We know that we’d love to see some actual time of Lucifer and Chloe together with all the cards on the table … but there’s no guarantee of that. It could be a function of the direction of the story and then how many episodes season 5 has. Personally, we’re rooting for 100 … though somewhere in the 10-13 range feels a little bit more feasible.

Even without Henderson saying what he does within this interview, it wasn’t a stretch to picture a Deckerstar reunion. While this may be a show entitled Lucifer, it is not one rooted in some sort of grandiose cynicism. It wants these characters to be happy in its own weird, demented way … eventually. It just makes you want to work for it at first. It’s almost like one of those cat treat dispensers that makes your cat play really hard before getting to the good stuff inside.

Pending some stunner, Lucifer season 5 will premiere on Netflix in 2020 and we’ll be here to share further updates every step of the way. Keep your eyes peeled to the link here.

What are you the most hopeful to see for Lucifer and Chloe next? Be sure to share in the comments. (Photo: Netflix.)

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