Billions season 4 finale review: Taylor ushers in the feud’s new phase

Billions season 4Going into the start of Billions season 4, we had somewhat of a compromise with Bobby Axelrod and Chuck Rhoades. By the end of it, though, it seemed as though said compromise was over and instead, the two were back at war.

So much for the idea of mutual cooperation. Season 4 was about showing just how dangerous all of the different players are in the world, and also seemingly taking down some others like Connerty via a complicated scheme. In the end, Billions remains what it’s always been — a power struggle between two men who are desperate for power and are willing to do whatever they can to get it. They think that they can’t function in this world without the other there, but we almost wonder if the opposite was true — if Chuck or Axe were gone, would the other just transform into ash? They’re like Batman and the Joker, if Batman was a little more wicked and the Joker a little more ambiguous.

So while the two are set to battle things out once more, there is an interesting third player in the mix in Taylor. After spending some of the season trying to take down Wendy, they’re now in a position to alter the course of the Rhoades/Axe feud. Chuck wanted them to go back to Axe Capital, where they could work almost as a mole from within. Meanwhile, Axe selfishly wanted them back in for his own reasons (namely, how good they are in the business world). and Taylor can play the part of a loyal soldier. All of this is smart thinking on his part, minus him thinking that Taylor’s going to sit down and mind their business.

Meanwhile, Wendy’s potentially gone from Chuck’s for good after his own duplicity, and that led to her finishing off the season over at Axe’s, where he offered her a place to stay. Does this represent her picking his side? We don’t think that there are really any sides in this world anymore; instead, this is more selecting precisely what is right for her in the moment.

After everything that they went through, who else got chills seeing Wendy and Taylor back at Axe Capital at the end of the episode? Also, who else loved the f-bomb that soon followed the moment someone tried to give Taylor a friendly welcome? That’s your ultimate Billions microcosm; when someone does their best to be warm, they’re met with a swear word and a door slamming right in your face.

CarterMatt Verdict

The critique of Billions is almost always going to be the sameness — the show seems committed to keep Chuck and Axe both in the game and through that, you run the risk of wheel-spinning. The finale did set up a dynamic that feels reasonably similar to what we’ve seen in the past — except with more of a reset. Maybe, in the end, we’ve all been thinking about this show the wrong way — instead of it being the story of how Chuck and Axe try to thwart each other, maybe it’s instead about those on the sidelines jumping into the battle.

Entering season 5, perhaps Taylor really is the biggest threat. They are the one willing to set up the old-school Western duel in front of the saloon, only to then watch the two kill each other. They’ll be there to pick up the wreckage, and the accumulate whatever power is left. The truth is, Chuck and Axe are both so obsessed with each other that it’s hard for either one of them to fully see it.

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