The Bachelorette video: Luke Stone vs. Luke Parker, round 30

Luke ParkerComing up on The Bachelorette episode 5, you’re going to see the continuation of a feud like no other. It’s a feud so ridiculous, so drawn out, you may ask for another glass of wine just to throw it at the screen. We are talking here about the feud of Luke Stone vs. Luke Parker. Brace yourself!

So what in the world is going on here? It started with a rugby incident. Or, it’s certainly possible that it started before the rugby incident and that’s just when we saw it on TV. These guys do not like each other, and more than that, Luke P. is living rent-free entirely in Luke S.’ head. This guy can’t let it go that Luke P. was super aggressive to him out on the field (understandably), and because Luke P. seems to have a whole lot of influence with Hannah, he’s got the upper hand.

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What power does Mr. “God Speaks to Me in the Shower” have? He seems to have figured out that he can lie, stretch the truth, and be an altogether not-great person and she doesn’t seem willing to send him home because of it. This is why, if we’re Luke S., we’d almost consider storming out of there. What’s the point of keeping the nonsense going? She’s clearly not believing you as much as you think she should, and that should be a red flag. As a matter of fact, that should be a red flag so big that it could cover a football field.

Yet, in the sneak peek below via Entertainment Weekly, nothing really gets accomplished and it doesn’t seem as though Luke S. is down leaving. Instead, these two guys just yell at each other while Hannah B. is sitting right there until she eventually decides that she’s had enough, she’s done with the stupid man drama, and she leaves.

Luke S. is clearly the one more likely to go home, just because we’ve spent so much time with Luke P. and it doesn’t really feel like we know anything about Other Luke. Actually, here’s what we know. Number one, the guy has an issue with Luke P. Number two, apparently, the guy wants to have a tequila brand even though there is no evidence he’s starting it right away. If he’s there for the wrong reasons of having a dream, every person to ever be on the show is there for the wrong reasons.

This episode is going to be ridiculous. It’s also going to be kind of fun. Also, why can’t they just release more sneak peeks of Tyler or Pilot Pete or someone else nice? Throwing drinks at the television isn’t anywhere near as necessary with two of them.

While you wait for more news…

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What do you think is going to happen in the Luke P. vs Luke S. dude-feud? Let us know in the comments. (Photo: ABC.)

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