When will The Blacklist season 7 start filming in New York City?

The BlacklistWe know that there’s going to be The Blacklist season 7 coming on NBC, and we also certainly know that there are plenty of question marks about it. Is Katarina Rostova really alive? Who is the Stranger? Is this going to be the final season?

We’ll get answers to some of these in due time — hopefully sooner rather than later with the latter. For now, let’s get to the question in the title for this piece.

Filming is obviously one of the more exciting endeavors leading up to The Blacklist season 7, mostly because it puts a face to the process. There will be plenty of work done before the cast arrives, including the writers getting together scripts. There’s nothing too exciting or visual about that process, but it happens. When you get the cast and crew out on the street, you get to see them. You feel their energy and you get excited and buzzed for what it’s going to be coming up next. That’s the point of true excitement leading up to the premiere, or at least for some. When the first promos start to surface on NBC, that will put the excitement up to 11.

As for when production will start, just look to the past for evidence. Last year, filming for The Blacklist season 6 officially started off near the end of July. Even though the show is premiering earlier this time around, we don’t expect filming be any different. These production dates are often locked in way ahead of time, mostly because regardless of when a show premieres, it helps for there to be a routine behind the scenes. Also, it’s just more beneficial to the cast and crew for them to know about when they’re going to be working and when they’re off.

After filming begins, hopefully, we’ll learn a thing or two more about what the writers are planning. What made part of the process for season 6 so interesting is that there really wasn’t much buzz out there during production. Maybe this was intentional, but NBC and the producers kept things tightly under wraps — think guest stars, and think story surprises. It’s possible that could be the same for season 7, and in some ways, we welcome it. What made season 6 so fun was the element of shock-and-awe, and it gave us opportunities to talk about so many fun theories along the way.

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