The Blacklist season 7 spotlight: What should be next for Liz Keen?

The BlacklistAs we approach The Blacklist season 7, we’re going to be sharing questions and suggestions every week on a wide array of different characters. Think of this as our once-a-week, ongoing character spotlight series, and today, the focus is on none other than Megan Boone’s Elizabeth Keen!

We don’t think that we have to tell you that Liz is, almost constantly, in a precarious position. Entering season 7, she seemingly will have no idea that Raymond Reddington was captured by Katarina Rostova … or who we’re meant to believe is Katarina. Meanwhile, she’s got Agnes living with her again and is trying to establish a little more normalcy. Said normalcy is our jumping-off point within this spotlight piece, but we are looking forward to diving in and checking out some other avenues, as well.

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So, with Liz now with Agnes, can the two of them have more of a normal future? We would like to see some echoes of season 1 now where Liz does her best in order to balance out her job and having some element of humanity and Agnes could help to bring her that.

Of course, there’s almost a flip-side argument to wonder about as well here — whether or not Liz, upon hearing about Reddington’s capture, thinks that Agnes can continue to stay with her. The obvious issue she’s going to run into here is that Reddington proclaimed that she didn’t have to worry about Katarina — yet, Reddington may now have to worry about Katarina. We’ve got a feeling that this is something that could throw a wrench into everything.

Where do things go for the Task Force now?

We do, of course, want to continue to see things going here, and maybe see the entire group get a little bit more respect now that they have effectively thwarted a much larger conspiracy. Liz has gone through a lot and been an enemy of the state at times, so it would certainly be fun to see what it looks like with her more as a friend to Uncle Sam. Is it possible that she could ever get a promotion/

Beyond all of that, there is a larger question here of endgame. Think of things like this — does Liz want to be with the Task Force for the rest of her life? When does all of this end in terms of her collaboration with Reddington? We feel like there’s gotta be some sort of end of the road here and suffice it to say, we’re curious as to just what that could be.

Could Liz have a new love interest?

That’s obviously another thing worth wondering about since it’s really been a while since she has. The idea of her and Ressler is still something that could be explored and it’s funny how we oscillate between thinking how this is never going to happen and how it could almost certainly happen. They’ve lied to each other and gone through a lot, but maybe this is sort of an iron-sharpens-iron situation and they’re both stronger for it.

Here’s probably the biggest case for it — is anyone else going to be able to ever understand what they’ve gone through other than each other?

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