Billions season 4 episode 12 (video): Is there hope for Wendy’s license?

Billions season 4Whenever there’s a will, there’s a way. That’s the philosophy that Chuck Rhoades has, in particular, leading into Billions season 4 episode 12 on Sunday night. This is the season finale, so this is the time for big swings. Nobody loves a big swing more than Chuck, but that’s no guarantee that it’s actually going to work.

One of the major storylines that are going on right now is the case of Wendy and her medical license. It hasn’t been the best season in the world for her, and you can certainly blame Taylor (plus Wendy’s own actions) a lot for it. Yet, Taylor isn’t the focus of the sneak peek below.

Instead, this is all about Chuck trying to find a way to ensure that the penalties on Wendy’s license are less than they would be otherwise. He wants to try to help, and in his words, he wants to try to find a lever. He wants to flip the switch and somehow make things a little bit better for her. We think she appreciates it, but at the same time, this entire sneak peek really feels like it’s in the vein of “don’t get your hopes up.” Wendy seems okay with trying to find a way to relax right now, but relaxing is at the sort of thing that isn’t in Chuck Rhoades’ DNA all that often. He’s going to try to figure out something … at least if he can.

Now, let’s talk about consequences, given that it’s something that Wendy even addresses directly. She more than realizes that something Chuck could end up having ramifications later. It is the transitive property of Billions in general. One thing is going to lead to another is going to lead to another. Something could happen as a result of Chuck trying to manipulate the system to help Wendy, and that could end up being a story in its own right in season 5. She’s probably more aware of this than he is, or he’s just so intent on being the “fixer” in this situation that he’s not seeing what’s in front of him.

One way or another, let’s just cross our fingers for some closure. The Wendy storyline has gone on for a long time, and while we still root for her, we’d really like to see some new stuff coming our way in season 5. In general, let’s just hope for another reset, mostly because the interesting thing about Billions is at the start of every season, the chessboard shifts and you’ve got pieces in different places. Ironically, this is also one of the longest chess matches ever since nobody really seems to ever be fully checkmated.

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